Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Meaning of Life

make a little wish today
& blow it in the wind
open a new window somewhere
see some soul sneak in

close your eyes soft
speak a silent prayer
spend a day with friends
draw a dream with care

enjoy the beauty humble
revere a blade of grass
seek the wonder that is world
let these joys in life amass

life, is not lived in years & in months
in anniversaries & in occasions
not even in money & awards
it is in the little moments that life gets its rewards

breathe & seek
say & see
do & dream
give & forgive
go & grow
hide & seek
know & lead
learn & have fun

do a thousand things more...LIVE


How do we know said...

this poem is the reason why u shld be getting published and not wasting ur time doing things that are sustenance .. ppl who can dream up clouds should not be tillers of land alone.. they must also till them clouds.. and sow some rain..

delhidreams said...

howdy: :)

dreamt before

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