Thursday, November 10, 2005

talk, share, speak...utilize the gifts,;!

i think this wonderful image is more apt for my previous post.
this world has become a smaller place due to modern means of communication.
but we still need someone to talk to, even if it is a friend hundreds of miles away.
blessed are those who have someone they can share their hearts with.
i'm adi and this is a heartfelt thanks to all my friends & family people.

bye the way, this is 9:30 in the evening, i'm still at office, will be home in an hour or so, and i'm missing some key people in my life today, dunno when i'll be able to meet them or talk to them...


How do we know said...

yes.. there is nothing half as lonely as not having anyone to reach out to..

delhidreams said...

i;m wondering howdy why did u check such old posts of mine :) but thanks n *hugs* :)

dreamt before

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