Wednesday, December 28, 2005

blue, red & new year wishes

Its been some time...

I was blue, i wrote about the reds and now i'm watching the whole spectrum play around. Have been watching some great illustrative blogs and was truly amazed at the detail and skills and efforts people have and put in their work.

These days are being spent doing practically nothing at office and at home. Not much work happenning here.

So, I was blue. Because, I suddenly realised some people have left me, perhaps for ever. I hope not. There is Dudo - supposedly my soul mate. There was Sunshine - my bestest lady friend outside the inner circle. And some other friends like Joyi who havent bothered to talk since ages. And some friendships were like one-way roads. Like Boni's. It was all triggered by one Sweetheart who rules my life these days. But now i'm over that. Still, it sends some shivers down the very existence of my soul. How will I manage to lead a life without these people. They were my life. And that's why, I was so blue. Never felt this strange before.

Sachin called in this Saturday. Instantly lifted up my spirits. Because he is Sachin. If there was someone who was an example of friendship, he is. We promised to meet each other at his place. That's on Christmas Sunday.

So, what my Christmas Sunday was like?

I'd an appointment with the Doctor. Was in a slightly better mood as I'd talked to Sachin and the Sweetheart. Took lots of notes while travelling. These will outpout later in the following days. Man, I like travelling on a Delhi Sunday. There is some laziness wafting through the air. Even the always aggresive DTC drivers took people on board without hurry. I'm thinking of some Sunday trips to familiarise myself with Delhi. It feels really strange sometimes, I don't know anything about the city I was born and brought up in.

Meeting the doc was good. Just some little problems with the liver. Nothing serious. After that. God. No Sachin. He had to hurry for some unexpected realtives. Tried Walia. He couldn't come outside his house. Tried Senior. She didn't pick the phone. Tried Amul & Gudiya. They were not going to come home till late evening. Seemed everything going against me.
Tired, I trudged back home. Okay, not trudged but flied.

Monday, was good. And the after days are also going good. Tomorrow, will be leaving for the Mountains for the new year bash. Me and the office gang. Hope to have a good time there.

And oh,
Happy Holidays and
hAppy neW yEar to y'all.

This is 19:30 hrs. on the 28th of December and me, Adi is signing off.

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