Thursday, October 12, 2006

death of a dream

a tear falls
a shadow flies
a fear crawls
a tomorrow cries
this is how, night by night
a dream dies
image courtsey,


Aditi said...

beautiful words however dark they maybe..
Reminded me of that poem... what happens to a dream deferred

Movie Mazaa said...

that picture looks so intriguing and surreal....

Sigma said...

Thats all I can say !!

oceanic mirages said...

Through the teARS I SEE MY DREAM ALLING AND I GIV IT TO THIS WORLD... SUMONE SUMDAY VIL REALISE IT OR ME.. nights pass by vithout the dreams now for i have to pray n pay or my fears...Death is the continuation of my desires in a new world... do u agree???

dreamt before

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