Saturday, October 14, 2006


warm crisp vapour
of the warm ginger tea
the world in a newspaper
just for me
saturday morning
smiles like dee
i could wake up like this
everyday, just to be

its another weekend. these last few days, i've been blue without any particular reason . dee is blue too. she has her reasons though. hope monday brings some smiles for her. and for me. will you pray for us?
have a happy weekend :)

image courtsey, i suppose.


Namrata - "Time's Ticking away..I'm Wasting Away" said...

Am almost done with part two.. a lil more patience., if you please.

schmutzdecke said...

yups u r right...i m not that busy is more because of an idea crunch happening...

Pranay said...

It happens...Sometimes we fell blue for no reason. Go pamper urself.
Really like ur template.

meet_me said...

hmm .... blue with no clue... happens to me most of the time!

meet_me said...

I just finished the tag ( you must have forgotten about it till now :-)
Take care

Movie Mazaa said...

Yayaaa!! Its Monday, and hope the blues have flown out of the windows, for good!!!

Have a great week ahead!

Aditi said...

the weekend automatically cheers a person up
the blues they return on monday

delhidreams said...

namrata: i'm a very patient creature. normally.

totaram ji: idea crunch? aapko?

pranay: thanks to the person who made this template. it has evoked more comments than my poems. yeah, i'm in a mood to be pampered these days.
welcome to delhidreams.

pheebes: vade logon ki vadi batein...and no, i don't forget my tags.

velu: my soul mate, yes, the blues have flown out of the window. ur wishes and the universe relents...thanks buddy.

aditi: hope u wont be blue for long. look how cheeeeeeeeerful m feeling today... take care twin.

starry said...

Adi..I hope the blues are over .its a new week. take care:)

Keshi said...

I get blue too but soon I choose to be yellow...sending some sunshine ur way Adi...keep smiling :)


oceanic mirages said...

a strong sense of sumthing which u have left incomplete... i dnt know y!!!may be its jst d way i felt after reading it...

Sigma said...

BEautiful lines. Lyrical, rythmic.
Warm ginger tea. Ah. It feels heavenly to sip it in cool weather, like in rains, or when the winter is at its onset, like these days :-)
Blue without reason. Hmmm. I feel it many times too. Perhaps there is a reason, only that it is in the back of mind, where we're not able to reach it. Hope your blues have flown far away by now :-)

dreamt before

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