Friday, October 06, 2006

raat/ night

khuda kare
mere naseeb mein
aisi bhi koi ek raat ho
main usse yaad karoon
aur us se meri baat ho
may god grant
one such night
to my destiny
when, i remember her
and she talks to me

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Aditi said...

aww so sweet.. lekin ismein naseeb kahan.. phone uthao aur phone karo

delhidreams said...

sometimes the closest a person, the farthest she becomes, its not that easy twin.

Anonymous said...

bhai sab,

sundari ne to kano pe ungli dal rakhi hai.

Milkar bhi kya sunaoge dada?

Khair keep on


dwaipayan said...

hain hain..kya baat kahi hain... and ur comment to aditi..... wah yaar...maan gaye.....wah taj bhi bol diya...

ketki said...

sorry i couldnt do the tag
i was stuck up with exams
but it'll be there on my blog within a few days!

starry said...

Just beautiful Adi. simple, and sweet with a lot of meaning.

meet_me said...

beautiful words Adi!
I agree, sometimes the simplest of things are so complicated.....
Keep writing and sharing!
Take care

dreamt before

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