Monday, October 09, 2006

weekend fun!!!

what a weekend should be like?
it should consist of two days, a saturday and a sunday. atleast the sunday is a must.
what one does normally in a weekend?

hmmm. actually there are a lot of options. but the rule is you shouldn't be doing what you normally do in the weekdays.
go laze around a cup of coffee, dream along with your soul mate, read the zahir, eat your friends' mind out, go make a freak show of a tragedy movie. shop, splurge, brunch, sleep, travel, trouble and tinker around with memories... seems there ARE a lot of things to do on a weekend. i normally roam out with friend's or if m very very tired, i sleep and read.
so, what was my weekend like?
normally i get only the sunday part as the official weekend. this time half of saturday was added in too. had to meet dee n her friend megha/sucharita. actually m confused what to call her. trying to define some short nomenaculture for her. normally i do this very quickly. maggie, she doesn't likes; su is too short; i think daffy is good. what do u say?
daffy because she is a bit intelligent for an aquarian. coincidentally, the three of us are aquarians. ofcourse, i can tell her this because i'm very fond of daffodils :)
the three of us met at the c.p. mac donald's. it was good, m looking forward to meet daffy more. it is another thing that her office timings are no diff then mine. she works as a german translator in well, a german airlines. forgets a lot of things. including mobile chargers. i only forget to charge my phone. occasionally.

then i went back to work. yup, work. till 10.

sunday was similar.
roamed around the delhi university, north campus and kamla nagar market with amrak n dee. sachin too joined us for an hour. it was fun. subdued sachin, volatile amrak, sweet dee and dumb me, make for an enjoyable day. i wish my hagrid was there with me. although, she n amrak might not be a very good combination to be around. hmmm.
after roaming around, falling, damaging my left knee, fine splitting my left kneed trouser, arguing, momos, coffee, 'chuski', i finally managed to get back to work around 5. which went on till 12:30. there was a talk show at ndtv which i was supposed to attend. as audience only. abhi, chief guest hone ke din nahi aye hain. yet to see the day when i'll be invited as the chief guest. couldn't go.
and i think this week got off in style. eating dinner served by dear pa ;)
rest, m at office. this will be a long day too.
will also get some time to blog-surf today. hope to see you guys in your varied avatars.
have a nice week ahead.

this is me n neeru last saturday and the above one is me n rashmi. m a little self-centred fella, i suppose.
there is an image of me n dee also, which when daffy mails me, i'll add here.


Aditi said...

it wasnt all work u had some fun right
sorry abt the fall.. turns out we share that in common as well

starry said...

I think your weekends are full of fun and thats how it should be.After working all week you should just laze around and sometimes it is nice just not to do anything.hope your knee feels ok. waiting to see a pic of you and dee. I thinky daffy is a nice name.short and cute.

delhidreams said...

aditi: yeah, u r my twin and the similarities just cant end ;)

starry: no, knee is still stiff. my injuries don't get healed easily. yeah, m too waiting for dee's pic. and to tell u, daffy actually means stupid, which we all aquarians are in a way. but its cute anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

u look so different in specs!! believe me i didn't recognize u in the first pic unless i read that that was actually u!!
nehow, glad to know u had fun...
Take care...

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I have a strange weekend, sunday and monday...that's my weekly 2 days off...

Anonymous said...

nthing much to say except a smile... would u like to agree????

Aparna Mudi said...

u need some 3 hours to get all the comments......
im jealous of people....and by the way did u check out dee's blog?
oceanicmirages.blogspot.......dekho dekho.....

Cloudy said...

Be the first to know - I did the tag :)

Keshi said...

seems like u had a cool weekend Adi :) Nice happy pics.


delhidreams said...

pheebes: thanks. an it was a nice chat we had :)

appu: yeah, if your friend 'creature' wud allow u that!

ganesh: that's not strange. strange is when the week doens't end on the weekend ;)

anonymous: no, i wud NOT like to agree.

shadows: thanks hagrid. but she didnt fisrt tell me or perhaps even u.
i wanted to be the first one to comment on her first post :(

cloudy: m going there. to ur blog. right now. after this commnet.

keshi: nah! nothing to beat urs!!! waise, i liked that ghost bit a lot. u still making me think. that's bad ;)

dwaipayan said...

my weekends generally bring relief from the hectic college days..(alas, the saturday s no longer an off day)

but in Sikkim, we have forgotten which day it was...we were together...spending all the moments....enjoying our life.......

and I'm in love with Sikkim and the river Tista!!!!!!

sophie said...

i want to see you and you
and your sweetheart!!!

can you e-mail me a pix?


dreamt before

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