Thursday, November 09, 2006

pyaar/ love-II

jaise bete ki pehli tankhwah
jaise ma ke pairon ka swarg
aur swarg se keemti do ansu

like the son's first paycheque
like the heaven at mother's feet
and few tears, precious than heaven

who says months begin from the 1st?
here, the month starts with the paycheque. the loan, the rent; the cable wallah's bill, the monthly rations; the medical expenses, the gas cylinder; the daily neccesities, the necessary luxuries...and in between all this, a little bit of money saved for the one.
my month starts on the 7th :)

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Revealed said...

Hmm the SON'S first pay cheque? Why not the daughter's? Or would that have spoilt the metre? :P

delhidreams said...

revealed: good point. even i didn't thought of it before. i am a son, perhaps that's why. no q of meter here.

sophie said...

well...mine wil begin when
i stop looking behind me -

and go forward:)

insane freak said...

for my mum, it’s the daughter’s
though she gets nothing more than a photocopy of the cheque … its too inconsequential to mention!

p.s. we can’t change the fact that she did break down, but I assure you, she’s recovering, with the support of loved ones and telepathic words from you :)

= rich

delhidreams said...

sophie: hmmm, then go forward, what are you waiting for :)

rich: =)
and pls. do something about the fact that nobody apart from the team members can post a comment...

insane freak said...

Sorry, i didn’t realsie I'd unintentionally done that!
Thanks... I ve changed the settings :)

= rich

Anonymous said...

28th, 29th, 30th or 31st depending on the year or the month.

dwaipayan said...

in that case my month does not start art all... :P

dreamt before

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