Friday, January 12, 2007

sunday evening

welcome metro station par
sunday shaam ko
mujhe vida karti
teri wo aankhen
saath hain
abhi tak

pyaar se bhari huyi, labalab
ek hi samay
jaane ko bhi kehti
aur rok lene ko bhi tadapti
teri ye aankhen
abhi ye train chal padegi
aur reh jayegi
sirf inki yaad mere saath
vo dekho
dil doob raha hai
suraj ki tarah
yamuna mein

koi to rok lo ise
bhar aane se

somebody stop this heart from welling up inside
sorry starry, won't be able to translate this one


Cuckoo said...

jaane ko bhi kehti
aur rok lene ko bhi tadapti..

I am blank.
Oh Adi, why are you so depressed, aaj friday hai, bas aur ek din kisi tereh..

Cheer up, Intezar ki ghadiyan khatam hone ko aayi.. Aapki bhi aur humari bhi.

dwaipayan said...

hota hain yaar!!
this's how our present slowly is bcoming a part of our past and be sure my monet, all these past will make our history a golden one.


Sugarlips said...

Adi Very soon a night of
calamity will turn into an
evening of magic :)

"Dil doob raha hai suraj ki tarah"
Rise like a Sun OK?
Even I miss her now ;) tell her
to write something sweet asusual.
Hugs for both of u :)

Stay Beautiful..!!

Aditi said...

for once i know exactly how painful goodbyes can be

starry said...

I cannot understand but I think you are sad.From reading the other comments.don't be sad.there is always light at the end of the tunnel.This soon shall pass.take care .

Revealed said...

Awwwww cheer up. It was beautifffffullll. Sorry I haven't been by in a bit and so many posts to catch up on :-S

Anonymous said...

I am always there...
Love u lots...

madelyn said...

ok - i just read what Dee said -
and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
I just love you guys!

hugs! :)

Ashish said...

I am not the first one...
But an admirer of your writing I am nevertheless...

dreamt before

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