Thursday, August 02, 2007

August Tidings

Its been 30 odd days since I started the Heart of Darkness. Haven’t been out of its tangled influence, yet. Maybe by today I’ll finish it off with the criticals and all. Will be starting Yugandhar by Shivaji Sawant afterwards. Mr. Marquez will have to wait, with his 100 years of solitude.

Why Yugandhar over …Solitude? Krishna has been enveloping my senses lately, in too many ways to be coincidental. As if, He wants me to read His story first. And Mr. Sawant is a master storyteller.

There is something unique about book reading. I mean, no two persons will read the same story alike. Everything that has shaped them till now, will be responsible for this. And one of the more remarkable aspects of this would be where they are coming from, in their reading journey. Like, I’m sure, nobody in the world would have read the Heart of Darkness after reading the Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach. (With Ms Alice also tumbling in for good measure.) And nobody else, maybe ever is going to follow it up with Yugandhar and the …Solitude.

As for the HOD, I’ve been under its enchantment for quite some days now. The poem ‘Sawaal’ was a result of the first four pages of reading. There is another one, which I haven’t posted yet. And then, ‘The Inquest’ also resulted from its weird spell. A search for identity, for light amidst all the darkness that envelopes me, and what about the source it originates from, if it self is not the source, what is the energy, the reason, the consciousness, what is it actually. And what it IS.

I’ve quoted a passage from the book here, on our other blog, where me and dee, are putting together a collection of our favourite literary forays. There were too many favourites in this book though.

To finish this longish post, I would add that the last post, ‘Metaphor’ has a part two coming, as soon as I finish it. It’s a sort of antithesis to the one already posted. Hope you’ll like it.

Till then, stay along.

Keep dreaming, keep doing.

p.s. both of us are doing fine. i've settled in my new job nicely and waiting to start my education again. she has cleared her previous year's examination and is balancing work, studies and family life as only she can. and am still amazed at the way life has shaped-up for us to meet, to love, to work towards a better life ahead, together.


Anonymous said...

all the best...sion is not far...
rather it is there..

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: wud really like to know what exactly ur sion / zion meant here :)

Anonymous said...

A very abstract blog though. But again the art out der is wonderful.

Poems bana to hum aphi se sikhe hai Adiji

Nabeel said...

cool @ new job .. what do you do now?

Aditi said...

good things happen to good ppl

delhidreams said...

akshar: abstract? this word has been used first time for me :)
and well, the art here is not mine. it is courtsey various stock image sites we advtg ppl frequently visit.
aur agar poems likhna aapne humse seekha hai to hamari guru dakshina dene ke liye taiyyar rahiyega mitr ;)

nabeel: hmmmm, ur q made me think. the plain vanilla answer would be that i'm a copywriter in an advtg agency. we convert ideas into the textual messages u guys are bombarded with every moment of your lives :)
other than that, i think i might write abt it in detail someday.

aditi: and my twin is amongst the goodest ppl i found in this life :)
hugs to u too swthrt
lotsa love

Alok said...

hmmm i completely agree wid yr view as to how perceptions vary for every person for every book read.... (me n my sister used to have long debates after a book had been read by both of us and we never seemed to reconcile to a single idea (except for the fact that it was good! or bad! which again are very relative terms)

and for both of u guys ... it makes happy reading to know u guys r doing good! best of luck ...



Shruti said...

Hi dear,
wow!!great to know all these..
wish a good luck and happy journey ahead..
Take care

delhidreams said...

alok: amen!

shruti: thanks birdie. wish u luck too.

Anonymous said...

sion...perhaps i guess a crossroad where we meet idealism..n its bout the pure love..the balance act

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: yup, that world of ours... thanks for the wish brother.

dreamt before

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