Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and there was love

bohat samay pehle
jab samay ka janm nahi hua tha
sirf shunya tha, andhkar tha
aur vishnu ki nidra tuti nahi thi

bohat samay pehle
jab sabhi cheejein nayi thi
aur unke naam nahi
vivran hua karte the

bohat samay pehle
jab fasal ugi thi pehli
kisi nadi ke kinare
aur sabhyata ne pankh failaye the apne

tab bhi,
tum thi
main tha
aur tha prem

a long time ago
when time hadn't taken birth
there was only a void, only a darkness
and vishnu's* slumber was not yet broken

a long time ago
when everything was new
and they had no names
but descriptions only

a long time ago
when the first crop was cultivated
beside a river bank
and civilization had spread its wings

even then,
u were
i was
and there was love

before every cycle of creation, lord vishnu is in his deep slumber (called yog nidra in hindi). when he awakens, the next cycle of (this illusionary) existence begins.

days here are being lived in their extremes. extremes of love and happiness, when we are together, and fortunately we've been together a lot these days. extremes of pain and despair, when i've been diagnosed with cervical and she seems a distance away. its a big contrast of emotions, a mighty tug at heart, with each passing day... i am just living each day, nothing is left for tomorrows to pine about what were, once the most beautiful and live-able yesterdays of my life.


starry said...

Just Beautiful!

dwaipayan said...

that's the magic of love, my friend!!!

Movie Mazaa said...

tab bhi,
tum thi
main tha
aur tha prem


Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

You have been Tagged*

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dharmabum said...

beautiful, as always.

How do we know said...

ye bahut, bahut sundar hai Adi!!

Varun said...

nicely felt.
beautifully expressed.

naren_buddy said...

hey adi....m naren, frend of aditi shah...hope u remember her... i wanted to say smthing to u...actually i havnt heard frm her fr past too many months...so u got any info abt her..kindly help me...m quite worried abt her
thnx..it will be gr8 help to me.

dreamt before

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