Sunday, April 20, 2008


v: that passed the time
e: it would have passed in any case
v: yes, but not so rapidly

i'm posting this sunday post on the next friday. dee is busy with her exams, still eight more to go. as for me, work has been too much and all i could do was to save drafts everyday. blank drafts that will fill up with words and images and wisdom and silliness like love fills me up. as of now, i don't know how many of those drafts will have something for you, there's still more work to do. but then again, there's more of life to live, more of love to love.
c ya soon.
and these two above are vladimir and estragon from 'waiting for godot.'
god bless.



Ash said...

Good luck to Dee for her exams!

delhidreams said...

ash: and nothing for me :)

Gill said...

Good luck with those exams Dee...and for you
Adi, God Bless you and go enjoy your life!!! LOL

dreamt before

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