Monday, August 04, 2008

cricket, psyche and a timeless weekend

first of all, we won the second test :) :) :) and m i delighted.

"The great escape artists have done it again. As has so often been the case in recent times, India finished the first Test of a series like a man holding on to the edge of a cliff by his fingernails. A week later, they once again looked like world-beaters, riding on a wave of momentum created by sensational batting from Virender Sehwag, canny bowling from Harbhajan Singh and a devastating new-ball burst from Ishant Sharma. Sri Lanka, so dominant at the Sinhalese Sports Club, capitulated dismally on the fourth afternoon and now it's they that teeter nervously on the edge of a precipice." thus writes, Dileep Premchandran, on Cricinfo here, with the complete match coverage here.

second, i've started 'The Indian Psyche' by Sudhir Kakar. more about it, you'll get to know in my next post on delhidreams. god knows when will i finish it. 'cos m also reading Dickens' Great Expectations. i know, its quite late in life. but then, i finished 'Fountainhead' only a couple of weeks ago :)

third, my timeless weekend. *sigh* i forgot my phone charger in the office on friday. and what a harrowing time i've had with a dead phone! friday evening went counting the charge left in it. saturday was better as i was with her till early evening. then, how i roamed in and around CP for an extra charger, and after two hours of roaming around i'd to settle with a local charger from Palika Bazaar. anybody who's buying a Samsung phone must be sure of its service centre location and spares availability. i will chose a Nokia from the next time. everytime.
anyways, this is not all. i managed to charge my phone and we talked as normal both saturday night and sunday morning. but the best of the bad luck was yet to arrive.

the charger went dead by sunday noon. and there was a fear that the local thing has spoiled my phone battery too. so, for a full day we went without talking to each other. can you believe that? it was only on dhruv's phone that she called for sometime late in evening. but frankly, it was not enough by our usual standards.

whole weekend was spent as if floating in a cosmos devoid of any notions of time, space and reality :(

anyways, monday was here and i was eager to come to office asap and charge my phone, which i did and finally managed to have a long chat with her :)

moral of the story, never lose your phone charger in the office? oh no, that's obvious. the real lesson i learned was to be better organized and; to buy any electronic item only from a manufacturer whose products are (very) widely available and preferably compatible with other manufacturers also.

hope you would also learned something from this.

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