Thursday, August 21, 2008

run run run

wake up at an unearthly hour, get ready early, run for the metro, but no, u can't even run 'cos u r already take a riksha, get down at the metro station, run for the metro but it speeds away in front of u, wait impatiently for the next one, struggle against the crowd on your way out, run for the bus that will take you to office on time, get on board a private bus, then leave it as they are habitual time wasters, go take a government bus instead, hoping that it'll take u on time, but u don't know that the driver & the conductor have been bribed by the private bus people and eventually it is they who will reach before even if it was ur bus which went ahead initially; u think of an alternative, u get down mid way, try to find an honest autowallah who'll take u to ofc on time and in manageable fare; wrong, there are no honest men in this city, everyone is a swindler, that poor malnourished rickshaw wallah will fleece u if u r ignorant or new; the bus driver will take a meagre 50rs bribe so that he can delay you; the autowallahs will skin you alive if possible, even a little rain doubles their fare...and then u reach office, just a minute late, and ur boss will cut a day of ur salary if u go through 5 mornings like these. but won't give u an iota of overtime or facility, if u r even 3.5 hours late in the evening. u go home tired, u reach home dead and then tomorrow, its a brand new day. just try to get up even earlier then usual.

and then pray.


Anonymous said...

You got me running along, trying to get that bus and trying to fit in the fast life of a big city.
Very nicely written.
But for the pieces on autowallahs, and direct references to pay cuts, this could have passed as a poem.

Anonymous said...

mampi: :) a poem is what i live in.

dreamt before

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