Wednesday, October 29, 2008

भाषा / language

कभी कभी
मन करता है बहुत
के सीख लूँ
भाषाएँ सारी, संसार की
और जो भी मिले, अजनबी पहला
पूछूँ उस से
कैसे हो तुम
कोई दुःख तो नहीं तुम्हें
कुछ बताओ अपने बारे में
कुछ सुनाओ तो किस्से नये
पर ये सब सोचने के बाद
लगता है
के इतना सब जानने के लिए
किसी भाषा की जरूरत ही कहाँ मुझे

not my usual way of translation. the soul is same, the clothes and the appearance different. as per Dee, it's an altogether new poem. and i admit that the English one fed the original Hindi one a thought or two.

often i yearn
to understand, to learn
all the languages
of this wide wide world
so when next i meet
the first stranger on the street
i should be able to ask
and greet
how are you
i hope no sadness plagues you
tell me something more about yourself
or tell me tales of a distant hue
but whenever i do think about this
i wonder, i ramble, i ponder anew
to know all of this and more of that
why would i need a language new

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How do we know said...

i prefer ur other style of translation.. more Indian.. the last few lines in the translation could have had more impact... or maybe i m just being critical..i like it that it ends in one sharp line in Hindi version.. the 3 lines in English dull the impact somewhat.

Also, Dee is right. The English version is less like a translation, more like its own poem, in a totally different genre..

neersart said...

very deep meaning behind these few simple words.........really beautiful

nihar said...

wah wah
wah wah
but plsssss tell me one thing my dear adi,,do u have time to do all this:P
i kw bad joke, but still ,think wat m trying to say
n m nt invisible, its just i have lost myself into something:P
n ghar walo kai sath banayi diwali,,woh kaha aaya hai ghar mai abhi,,lol
n i wud love to talk with uuuu n di, but as usual we all dont have time:(
never mind
i have again started visiting ur n di blog
hope to catch u guys here
take care:)


Adi - Let me offer you the Arte y Pico award for your blog ... because I like your poems. Do see my post November 2

ether said...

I like your banner photo. Did you shoot it? Tres bien :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need not learn any language if you know the language of heart radiated by eyes. Two eyes can speak to each other. Nice poem and lovely thoughts! Keep going....

Indrani said...

Congrats to you too!
You write so well! :)

dreamt before

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