Tuesday, February 24, 2009

rediscovering eyes

for years, he had been looking at the world through others' sight. then one day, he got hold of his own pair of eyes. and he was startled to see so much, in what was essentially only 'his' way of looking at the world.

each day a new exploration, each moment trembling with anticipation, a play of shadow and light, and colors, oh my, they looked as he was seeing them for the first time. green was so green, and red? so full of life that he gasped at it. blue, ah blue and brown, so earthlike.

the ashen beauty of a foggy morning crow, the sad silence of a pinwheel laying still and the impish rouge on his love's cheeks that took birth by itself when he stole a sudden kiss in a public place. suddenly, he was alive. as he was never before.

for years, he had been living with a borrowed vision. not anymore.

now, finally he'll be able to see the world as he wants to.
this is his journey. and you're welcome to be a part of it.

welcome to dreaming through his eyes,

this one must be his favorite pic till now.
just a moment with her, of her, captured for eternity.


How do we know said...

:-) lovely perspective, that.

oceanic mirages said...

jo kuch kahe toh wo kuch kam hoga, jo na kahe to wo sitam hoga.
is mushkil ko tum hi aasan kar do,
nawazish,meher, ek karam hoga.
m d f b w u.

delhidreams said...

Howdy: thanks

OM: it is beautiful Dee. MDFBWU.

delhidreams said...

ash: thanks :)

dreamt before

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