Friday, May 15, 2009

double dhamaka (twin offer)

have mailed to most of my contacts, but still posting it here.

"Last night while going home I became the latest unnamed victim of mobile snatching in the city of New Delhi :) Have got the SIM card disabled but as all my numbers were stored in the phone book (and not on the card), please be mindful of any crank call if it comes. Will try to get my number restarted by the afternoon. Other than that, yes, I would need your phone numbers once again." what's more damaging is that i lost my pair of specs too and would be temporarily debarred from my net duties :(

you can mail me on the id in my blogger profile. look at this way, even if we were not on each others' phone lists, its time we become phone buddies ;)




How do we know said...

hope u were not physically hurt.. and take care. .

delhidreams said...

howdy: yes am okay N. u tc too.

Peenuts said...

Lost ur did u manage to do that :)..take care dude and b careful.

Sigma said...

Present, Sir!!


Ash said...

Take care, Adi!

dreamt before

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