Saturday, May 23, 2009


i don't why, but feeling very light since yesterday. had decided to open up my mind and heart to new ideas and emotions, and almost freakily, new never-had-before experiences started happening. in two days, i've had enough experiences to lose track of them. seems the world has sensed my state of mind and is working accordingly! guess positive thinking has its effects, after all.
welcome world


How do we know said...

Honestly, am very happy for u.. only someone who has gone thru this can understand what u mean..

Unknown said...

And then world
Welcomes you too
Each day
Is a new day
though we don't always
See it
That way

delhidreams said...

howdy: still going thru it. openess comes at a cost :(

Bob: i hope to see it that way, and wish the same for Howdy above and you too. thanks dear friend :)

Unknown said...

He He
A mind open to new experience...
And a life taking a new direction...

Cant help but wonder
Is there a woman involved?

I know that's always a mind opener for me

dreamt before

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