Monday, July 19, 2010

sometimes you are not supposed to do the things you were supposed to do!

this weekend was like that. had made a lot of plans, will do this, will do that, but nothing turned out the way it was supposed to be. and i'm surprised i'm not sulking about it! :)

hadn't planned on coming to office, but was in the office for a few hours before heading out home. there is lot of work going on at home, and had planned revamping my room and all, but it didn't happen. had planned on calling my dear friends home and having a good time fooling around. instead, went out and met them in the Kamla Nagar market and roamed around there. had planned about spending some quite time at home with my love but instead the evening found us debating and discussing a book (that apparently we both are scared of) over cups of delicious cardamom tea, at the stairs of Vishwa Vidyalya metro station.

sometimes you are not supposed to go as per the plans, sometimes you are supposed to go with the flow, sometimes, and the ever cautious me says 'only sometimes' :) you are not supposed to do the things you were supposed to do in the first place.




Surubhi said...

the best things that happen in life are unplanned :)

Ire said...

I never have a plan. I just go with the no sulking or disappointments. :)


Nothing is in our hands, not even weekend plans.

Reema Sahay said...

And many times things don’t happen the way you plan, but in those times there are several moments of enjoyment as well. Because when you don’t plan things, there are no expectations, and then that walk in lovely weather, that long drive……….. turn out better than plans!

Anonymous said...


dreamt before

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