Tuesday, November 09, 2010

the secret life of a tree

now that you've felled me
chopped me down
i am still one with earth
to which i belonged

even the axe you used
was wood and metal
one part, a neighbour deep
the other, ancestral

and when i burn
i'll be set free
to converse with the wind
eternal friend of my leaves

to you it looks
as if i'm alone
little do you know
that i've a life beyond

the trunk, the roots, the leaves
and much beyond what you see
i belong to you, you to me
and this, the secret of a tree

written a few weeks back, inspired by this image (click here: http://ht.ly/36BC1 ) and its title from one of my most cherished blogger friends, coyote: http://singingmoon.blogspot.com/ :)


Maddening Silences said...

This is amazing ! It really makes you see the senstive side of tree felling and I do hope people get the message...Nicely written !

Kyra said...

Beautiful..touching..the pain of living, giving thing dying at the hands of those who used it's fruit to exist is beautifully expressed and yet the hope that lies in the heart of every such person isn't left out..Kudos :)

Stephen said...

Awesome mate!

ani_aset said...

wow its beautifully done ADee very well put...can be put into a riddle too ;)

Apoyando said...

Beautiful recital of what we say 'Some things stay forever, dead or alive'.
There is more to the poems' intent than just a cut down tree explaining its agony; and that makes it more deep down within.

Ed Newman said...

wonderful.... very fine writing to carry such sublime thoughts.

Surubhi said...

Beautiful Adee.....one of ur best that I've read :)

coyote said...


Anonymous said...

awesome !! loved this :)

How do we know said...

Theres lots more to the secret life of a tree Adee.. the conspiracy among the leaves, the larvae who are guarded by the ones they eat, the nests, the love stories that happen as birds and squirrels chase each other, the families that grow, the roots have a life of their own as they grapple with underground challenges that we will never see, the pure glee of children as they conquest one branch after another, the groan of the tree when its sleep is disturbed by festival lighting wrapped around it (Hey, put those lights around YOUR torso and let ME sleep!)

There's so much more... (ducks to avoid the shoe just hurled by Adee)

Birdie said...

Beautiful. Its not just about a tree its also about us, mortal human beings. We are mean species that kills a cockroach on sight, without even knowing if it will surely harm us. You poem is well put in words to express the pain of the nature that is suffering because of us. Nice work.

Anonymous said...


your blog is such a treat! i read it often. i was wondering today if you could share, perhaps, 10 of your favourite blogs since you started blogging or even before. it would be nice to know.


Himanshu Tandon said...

One of the most beautiful works I have come across. Simple, yet touching. Good one.

oceanic mirages said...

the "I" is never crushed,
it may or may not succeed, it may or may not survive, it may or may not even take birth...the "I" exists and will never cease to heave sighs that are heard every now and then in the twitch of the eye, the falling feather of a bird, the first raindrop that falls ever so slowly..., the faint humm of the waves..each particle dancing to a secret tune, dancing the dance of life.

Vijay G S said...

Lovely and poigant.

dreamt before

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