Friday, January 28, 2011

Another year of life begins

It is the 26th of January, 2011. He is at his bachelor pad relishing a morning of calm. It is a holiday, the nation's Republic Day, and thus there is no hurry to get up early and get ready for the office. Like a rare Sunday morning when he has nothing to do and no one to meet. He loves this solitude.
But this will not last for long. In a few hours from now, the girl he loves and a few close friends will come over to celebrate his birthday which was two days ago. 31 years! He is thirty one years old now! The feeling is still to sink in though. He wanted to write how he's feeling for the past two days. But he couldn't. Maybe because he doesn't know what to write.
And he is writing this with a new gold and silver ball point pen in a new notebook made of handmade sheets of paper. Both of them being his birthday gifts. Also, this morning he started reading Damon Galgut's 'In a strange room.' This book was also a (belated) gift for his last birthday.
He is enjoying the book. It is written in short, clear but somewhat broken sentences. And there are lots of pauses in between. This is exactly like how he likes to talk. To talk less and, to think more. By the way, these pauses of his are legendary by now. (And he takes a pause at the use of the word 'legendary'. He realizes that it has crept into his vocabulary due to Barney Stinson and the amazing proclivity of youth to use superlatives. Youth?) This was an example of the way he talks with lengthy pauses in-between. And that's why he is liking the book.
The maid comes. After doing her chores, cleaning the floor, the balcony and the bathrooms, she is out quickly. He thinks that labor class doesn't get any holidays. What is the meaning of the Republic Day holiday for a maid working in a middle class locality? Last night, when coming back from the office, he saw a guard's cabin outside the swanky and huge DTC millennium park depot. Rows and rows of big green and red buses locked inside the gates while outside in a tiny cabin, a solitary guard sat under the light of a single yellow bulb. He wonders who was guarding whom.
Anyways, he has to start getting ready now. In a few hours, the people he loves will start showing up. He has to get his room in some sort of order, have a bath and preferably something to eat as well. Oh, she is calling him now and he'll talk to her, enjoying the prospect of meeting her today.
Maybe today he'll get a sense of a year gone by, of another new diary, written by a new pen. Maybe he'll write well this year.


paris parfait said...

Wishing you a beautiful year of blessings and opportunities, my friend. xx

Toon Indian said...

So did "HE" enjoy the b'day bash :)...belated happy b'day again..and age is just a number..and numbers lie :)

Keep Rocking Bro!!

Thais said...

Well, I have read lots of "here starts/comes a new year" posts. All of them have a special nostalgic shade that makes us smile. Yours have something extra that I noticed. A thing I always think of whenever there is a public holiday. More specific, the ultimate public day, available for everybody, absolutely everybody will be only when Earth will extinct. That is why I always appreciate those who work, when I stay home and I thank them and I am grateful. :)

Apoyando said...

First of all, belated happy birthday!
Some days bring out the desirous nostalgia to the surface. I guess, the day you wrote this was one of such days.
Keep writing the pages of your life as the note-book unfolds layer by layer.

Rohit said...

dude...i am thankful to twitter again for introducing me to you..cheers! and hope u have a wonderful year just loving the pics and scribblings in your blog

How do we know said...

he always writes well. Maybe the resolution should be "maybe he will write this year."

Ash said...

Belated Happy Birthday Adi! Have a blessed year ahead!

Prats said...

Belated Happy Birthday bro... Hope to see the diary filled in the more often :-)

KAYARBEE said...

As you key-in your thoughts I am sure you don't pause to give it any cosmetic touch...this is what keeps me coming back to your posts...Your posts something novel....I always stop by here for a quick read.. Tons of Love for Little Angel....God bless her

delhidreams said...

tara: thanks :)

rahul: yes he did :) and yes, numbers lie, more in my case ;) thanks a ton!

mona: and that is why ur comments are so important for me :)

apo: thanks :)

rohit: thanks sir! looking forward to more feedback from u. and ur latest post is too good :)

howdy: hahaha yes, u r right about writing more, but not about 'always' :)

ash: thanks my photo-poet! :)

prats: shukriya bhaijan :)

kayarbee: i got the first part of ur comment, but not the second! riddhie? little angel? :)

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