Friday, January 14, 2011

Delhidreams’ Weekly Digest: Vol. 2 15/01/11

NG Photo Gallery: How to Take Camera Phone Pictures

Brilliant tips for all of us mobile phone camera pros:

Gas - Microscopic (Ambient Electronic Space)

MUST WATCH!!! Brilliant! amazing, puts our universe sized egos into a much-needed perspective!!! :)

A Light in India

A small company's innovative system is turning rice husks into electricity and illuminating India's poorest state:
What the company illustrates is a different way to think about innovation — one that is suitable for global problems that stem from poor people’s lack of access to energy, water, housing and education. In many cases, success in these challenges hinges less on big new ideas than on collections of small old ideas well integrated and executed. “What’s replicable isn’t the distribution of electricity,” says Pandey. “It’s the whole process of how to take an old technology and apply it to local constraints. How to create a system out of the materials and labor that are readily available.”

Justice, System and Jessica

A good blog post on the now ‘ever relevant’ topic in urban India, No One Killed Jessica. Do read here: and share your feedback.

Diesel's SFW XXX Party Clip

This is old but this is good! Diesel rocks the advertising world with whatever it does. Check the safest xxx video to watch in workplace here:

Smart, eco-friendly sanitation for all

The technology choice that China made for sanitation and wastewater management has led to not only blistering economic growth but also rapid urbanisation as it helped Beijing reduce GDP loss that poor sanitation brings.
Read the full report here:

10 Amazing Uses For Toothpaste

Yeah you read it write ;) and here they are:

Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'

An international group of scientists is aiming to create a simulator that can replicate everything happening on Earth - from global weather patterns and the spread of diseases to international financial transactions or congestion on Milton Keynes' roads.”
Read more here:

Movies, Music, Books and all that...

New blog I discovered by a twitter friend @rohwit I respect a lot for his knowledge of and zeal to share to good music with us. Do check

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