Sunday, February 13, 2011

Delhidreams’ Weekly Digest: Vol. 4, 13/02/11

Google "Art Project" Brings Great Paintings and Museums to You
"Google is rolling out a new tool called "Art Project," which gives you access to more than 1,000 works of art appearing in 17 great museums across the world."
You can also create your own museum, own the artworks of your dreams. Read the full post here:

Short Film "AASAI"
"Selvam, a little boy who works in a grocery shop is fond of Telephones. His aspiration was to speak in Telephone to his mother who is at Tirunelveli (district in Tamil nadu) that too from his hard earned money. Near b y STD booth lady helps him to find out how much money is needed for Selvam to speak to his mother for five minutes. Selvam practices what all he wishes to speak to his mother within that five minutes by speaking with himself. Selvam speaks to his mother or not?"
Watch the movie here: Don't worry, its only 11 minutes! You'll like it :)

Brilliant thriller of a short story featured in Tehelka
"Is he fresh? aka Kaula hai?

India can achieve zero transmission of polio in 2 yrs: Gates
"India could see zero transmission of the crippling polio virus in the next two years, according to business magnate turned philanthropist Bill Gates."
Read the full report here:

Every year, 3000 die due to air pollution in Delhi
I'm sure all big cities face this problem!

Infertility in women rising due to lifestyle disorders

When Sachin played under Imran!

'I'm no celebrity'
Harsha Bhogle's interview

The road to the past
On a trip from Bangalore to Ooty, Kestur Vasuki discovers tradition, art and a lot of life. Nice, pretense free, travel article, and that is why am asking you to read it here:

Fashion simplified for you!
This girl has started a blog on fashion, and I like it very much. Do check this recent post: 5 myths about the fashion industry here:

340 Free Movies Online!!!
Now this is called stumbling upon a treasure!

Each person is inundated with 174 newspapers' worth of information EVERY DAY via television, emails and post
Now I know where my day goes!!!

The Real Price of Fashion
PLEASE DO WATCH THIS VIDEO ONCE: and share with all those around you.

Now this is called product placement!
Sheer brilliance :) loved the idea, and the guts of the agency!

"Advertising Pick-Up Lines"
The Best Thing I Discovered These past few days!

The new MacDonald's ad – how it is promoting stereotypes!
And I completely agree with the writer's views!

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