Thursday, March 03, 2011

"What the hell is going on in this country?" -Supreme Court

"SC pulls up Centre for slacking on money launderers", says a headline. A guy who is alleged to have stashed around USD 8 billion in foreign banks, was served a notice for a tax demand for about Rs 50,000 crore!!! Our government is not bothered about where and how he got this huge amount of money, whether he has anti-national connections, nothing, as if he is just a tax offender! No wonder the honorable court had to show its exasperation!!!

Another order by the Supreme Court today, quashed the appointment of P J Thomas as CVC, slamming the Prime Minister-headed High-Powered Committee for the appointment of a person facing a criminal case. Just think about the sheer brazenness of our government. Here is a post which is supposed to upheld the highest standards of probity in the country, and the person you are appointing for it is already facing a corruption case against him! Still he was chosen by the three member HPC in which the leader of the opposition was vehemently against this appointment! And now our PM will say that we looked only at his bio-data!!! C'mon guys, even in a normal corporate job, a thorough background check is done to see whether the person you are hiring is good for the post or not. Even for a housemaid the police advices us to check her background and credentials! Who are these guys trying to fool?

And these two are amongst the few issues in the news. I shudder to think of the many more future headlines still under wraps, waiting for a whistle-blower or diligent media person to uncover, like in the case of 2G scam.

How in the world can our so-called 'honest' PM be ignorant of these things happening right under his nose? Ignorant will be the wrong word, actually he and his party are just dismissive of these things now. 

I wonder what the Indian voter is thinking or doing. I'm asking the same question as the honorable judges asked, "What the hell is going on in this country?" Are you too?


Surubhi said...

Adee....50% Indian don't even bother to vote so it really doesn't matter what they're thinking :)

Apoyando said...

I agree with Surubhi to a very high extent. A lot of the this thinking process goes to trash as soon as more than half of the country decides not to vote.(In other words, deciding not to give a fuck about who gets to control this country). And accumulation of this attitude has brought even the non-ignorant voters in a position where they have no alternative against this(or any other) debauch government.

Abhishek said...

Evn If u want to vote...u r nt able to zero in on a credible option whuz actually worth of ur precious vote...nt a single politician is taint hardly v r left wid an option but note vote..

dreamt before

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