Monday, February 20, 2006

one year at de' hub

i've completed one year at de' hub.
so what? big deal.
it is.
never stuck to a place for that long.

i've also sort-of completed two years in copywriting.
this is much bigger.
never spent so much time in one profession.

printing, designing, customer care, restaurant executive, graphics, marketing, now copywriting... jack ass of all trades... just running around in circles and the intelligence to believe, i'm running away from her.

who? my life.
who else.
just a piece of destiny thrust upon me.

bugs says, am naive enough to do a lot of things i shouldn't do.
like ruining my own life and that of people around me.
wish, she wouldn't talk in riddles.

apsy says, i need to look at life from a different perspective.
actually don't look at it.
just live it.

anyways, i've completed my first couple of years in copywriting.
how long people will be foolish enough to believe in my abilities?
don't know.

here's to the death of life.
welcome to my world.
this is where dreams take themselves apart...


Peenuts said... alok isnt the only one who seems to hav been bit by ms.DESPAIR.
Well mere dost..hum dono main khas farak nahin hai..v both r jack(nt ass :) of all trades and wht do people say 2 me..GET A LIFE!!I am to idolistic and two unrealistic 4 this 21st century.
hmmmm..but this is the way i want 2 liv.I may b successfull (yeah chances are 1%) and i may nt b(chances-99%) but this is the way i want 2 liv life..this is my liv the RIGHT way, to liv for Truth, to b selfish but not for my needs but 4 the needs of others.
Life wud never b easy..i know..but giving up is no more in my dictionary.
So buck up mere bhai..believe in urself just like u do in me.
In a line i just want 2 say:
"People ask me:y do i always take the hard road.
I reply:y do u assume i see two roads"

Aparna Mudi said...

hmmm isnt tat a lil too cruel on urself...welll i wud say the life =s something that only u can know one else wud either understand or believe....
and yeah stick on if u want and moveon if it suits u! but coz u told me that u have to do wat ur doing and grow in it thn grow on.....stick to it like resin ...and go on...not bcoz u want to ..but probably u have im doing

Anonymous said...

u wish i wudnt talk in riddles?

i wish u talked !

waise bhi i don't have anything good to se abt u.........

u've got such encouraging people around u.........
i keep doing the opp.
'll keep doing it
waise bhi i'm ritin' toooooooo grim these days
i don't wanna share..
do not provoke........

Peenuts said...

hey alok..i m getting 2 confused with the NAMING SCHEMA :) cud u plz reveal who s bugs, autumn, apsy........BYE

Anonymous said...

may i take the pains to answer tht peenut.......correct me if iam rong.......adi

apsy is aparna......shadows......right

peenut is same as pino if iam not mistaken.........

iam autumn.......tht was oneof my poems........but iam just a frend to adi......if this can b said......

n bugs......who is bugs?

even i dont know.....
who is bugs alok?
r u sure u want to introduce bugs to urfrenz
or does bugs want to b introduced to u frenz?
think before u answer peenut.

dreamt before

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