Saturday, March 04, 2006

my 7 things tag!

what a life this is...
am back on my blog after around 2 weeks,
in between work and more work, i cud just glimpse at what others were posting and thinking of the time when i'll be able to finally post something...
lots of things happenned in between, i don't even remember most of them, what the heck!
some of that will be reflected on this blog in days to come...
if i get time

meanwhile, i got tagged this '7-things thing' by a friend in the uk.
he basically is a traveller. he likes to click photographs and likes to talk about them.
u'll see lot of nice shots there.

u can visit his blog at

here's the seven things tag

Seven Things To Do Before I die
  • dance
    (in the rain, with a white sneaker in one foot and the one bare)
  • drive
    (down the yellow brick road in a dark blue convertible with my sweetheart and the four children following in the attached caravan- but that's the second trip)
  • backpacker's trip
    (around the world won't be bad!)
  • write
    (and prefarably get published)
  • live
    (in a street overlooking the liveliest street in the world on one side and the deepest woods on the other)
  • love
    (completely and without expecting anything in return)
  • i think these six are more than enough.

Seven Things I can't Do

  • dance
    (have two left feet and a sub conscious that won't let that happen till judgement day)
  • drive
    (am absent minded enough to completely forget what braking is)
  • concentrate
    (on one thing for a long time. say 33 seconds.)
  • eat
    (without reading or watching tv or talking to someone)
  • follow my to-do list
    (this is pretty self-explanatory)
  • move-on
    (i can't change my past, when will i learn this...if my zipper remained open at that party, it is okay, i was a 9 year old then)
  • stop dreaming
    (i'll die that day)

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mate

  • emotionally practical
    (because i am not worldly wise)
  • expressive eyes
    (because eyes should speak more than the mouth)
  • intelligence
    (should love books and a thousand other things to talk about)
  • super rich
    (my poor writer existence would be a nice contrast)
  • loves travelling
    (prefarably adventure travel, although i haven't been on one single adventure trip yet)
  • is a pretty good dancer
    (atleast that way i'll learn dancing)
  • if nothing else, atleast both of us shud love each other
    (love to nag, love to strike, to to ... u got the brief, right?)

Seven Books I Loved

  • We the Living
    by Ayn Rand
    (freedom, individual and the state. one book that has moved me most. till now.)
  • Chandrakanta & Chandrakanta Santati
    by babu Devakinandan Khatri
    (a tale of adventure, tilism, mystery, love, warriors, faith, life and so much more... sort of a fable, a mixture of lord of the rings with arabian nights)
  • Sherlock Holmes
    by Arthur Conan Doyle
    (anything, a short story or a longer one, i've read them all. the logic of simplicity, if you delete the impossible, whatever that remains however improbable is the truth.)
  • Robinson Crusoe
    by Daniel Defoe
    (i always longed to be alone and lost on an island, this book gave me all)
  • Mritunjay
    by Shivaji Savant
    (never before a character came out so well in a book. it seemed 'Karna' descended to tell his story himself.)
  • The Time Machine
    by H. G. Wells
    (my favourite fantasy, traveling and traveling through time)
  • The Alchemist
    by Paulo Cohello
    (so much to learn from a simple little story)

Seven Things I Say

  • S**t
  • Obviously
  • Sorry
  • Please
  • Love ya
  • Gawd!
  • Don't know

Seven Movies I've Loved

  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron
  • Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
  • Dil Chahta Hai
  • Sholay
  • Rang De Basanti
  • Terminator-II
  • The Rock

Seven People To Tag

  • Apsy
  • Neeru
  • Pino
  • Richard
  • Bugs
  • Anonymous
  • Suman

some of these don't have their blogs. as yet. they are free to post it in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

i am sorry.not to u.but to me.
i am sorry to myself.

not for myself.but to myself.

i was crossing the line.
i know iam not the lot tht is supposed to have an opinion on u.

no opinions,no judgements,no comments.if i have any they r to b kept to myself.

n no length of aquaintance allows me this.

ladne se zidd poori hoti hai,tamanna nahi
aur zidd se mauka milta hai hak nahi.

no sharp comments on ur blog mr.saini.
not from my side.

Richard Emblin said...

Thanks Adi, for thinking of me always.

You too, are in my thoughts and prayers...

Dumbfunk said...

Nice list Adi. I can't believe I forgot "Super Rich" in the perfect mate section - it seems so obvious now :)

meet_me said...

hi ...
this is me...i ve put up my list of 7 things...
take care

dreamt before

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