Tuesday, March 28, 2006

tuesday afternoon

hmmm.... it feels nice, people actually taking time to read whatever you post, and actually commenting on that, thanks obi wan and thanks shadows.

left at 3am, ‘abhijeet’-the dear client had to deliver the layout to his office, and as i was getting a ride back home, half an extra hour didn't matter that much. reached home at around 3:30. and as i'd suspected, nobody opened the gate despite my repeated shoutings, bangings and pleadings. actually, i'd told 'ma' i'll be back by 12 to 1, and the good pativrata nari she is, she made 'pa' sit whole night waiting for me. and when i reached home, poor 'pa' had dozed off.

so, on the stairs outside the gate at 3:30am i remembered 'dee'. she was the first one who came to my mind. i messaged her about my plight, and voila, i got a reply instantly. had no idea she was still awake. she'd to do some urgent presentations today. and then she called. god, i could have talked to her for ever then. thanks 'dee'. u r a gem of a friend.

shadows, a marathon? and then u complain me not writing much. good for apsy. swot will take time, so the 50 items too. and the best thing is that, i seem to have misplaced the 'creative journal' i carried around, wherein all the to-do lists and poems were written. 'dudo' is the girl i'll miss forever now. don't wanna talk about that. and last, take it 'easy' buddy;)

obi wan, to-do lists are extremely energizing for me. they make me believe that atlast i've got hold of my life. its another thing, i never come around completing even 25% of those. as for 'chandrakanta', why was that not on your list? the greatest mystery-indrajal-tilism epic ever written in hindi, how could you have missed that. and 'santati' ah, if there ever was a sequel better than the original, it was this. i first read it when i was 12. then an uncle took it away. then, after a couple of years i purchased another version from the world book fair. this time around the 10th boards examination. papa says, chandrakanta is responsible for me missing my distinction.

am at the office, talking to bugs on one hand and typing this out.

i don't like this month of april, it stretches too long. and it begins with a fool's day.

some very bad things are happening to me. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to post something or not for a few days.


Aparna Mudi said...

well 3:30 am .....well bahut kaam karte ho...ab yeh kaam apne liye bhi kar lo....

meet_me said...

A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart Standing in the Rain,
u'r on the verge of going crazy,
and your hearts in pain.
No one can heat you,
though your screaming so loud,
You feel all alone, in a faceless crowd.
Sitting on the side, waiting for a sign,
hoping that your luck will change
Reaching for a hand, that can understand,
someone who feels the same.

Buddy, that is what life is all about!! Just everything... a question, whose answer we think we are about to find, and then life changes its question.. weird isn't it??

Peenuts said...

Kya bey..tu to mere sey bhi jyada rota hai aur mujhe laga yeh roney dhoney ka kaam sirf mera hi hai..mere liye nahin, to mere phone ke bill ki khatir hi,smile karo bhai..buy a diary, write in it everything, pour every feeling in it, then close it and keep it at a place where u cnt see it..i feel so lighthearted, all the weight in my heart caged in a few words, n m back 2 my normal self..and if that doest work out..i call my frends and unhey pareshaan karta hoon..yeah u hav been a victim of that..thanks..
Ab jyada bhav mat kha aur khush ho jaa.

Parul Gahlot said...

hey I'm new to your blog! You're pretty funny and thanks for coming by my blog!

Soumyadip said...

To do's is what I avoid. I instead make a 'done' list.

Yes, Metroblogging needs Delhi, but I'm not very sure how much justice can I do to the city. Have been living here for the last three years, but am yet to become a Dilliwallah. Also have to wait for April since March registrations are over. Moreover it is by invite only.

Obi Wan said...

My sincere and heartfelt apologies for the grave error nay heinous crime of missing out on Chandrakanta in the list of my favorite fantasy books. The error shall soon be corrected, I promise :-)
And btw, this is really eerie, but I too read Chandrakanta when I was 12 years old. The complete story in my next post!

dreamt before

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