Wednesday, April 19, 2006

its a girl!!!

Hey AFJ,

I got my first postcrossing card today. And am I happy.

For those uninitiated, is a wonderful site if you love sending and receiving letters the old-fashioned way. That is, through snail-mail.

I love writing letters. Actually, I used to. Even to friends I met regularly. There is quite a charm in receiving letters from a person who actually took the trouble to sit down, think and write something especially for you. Nothing beats the personal touch. In this age of one-click e-mail forwards, me think this website is promoting a good cause. And also, might be getting me back on track as far as letter writing is concerned ;)

I received my first postcard today from a student in Finland. Thanks Helena. I hope you'll someday visit this blog. Yeah, the send:receive ratio is still a bit skewed with 7:1, but am not gonna give up so soon. Who knows, someday I'll get in touch with a certain Ms. Mousomi Ghosh too.

As for AFJ, you'll have to visit her blog to
She is like a celebrity to us unkown bloggers. And quite a devoted fan following she has. I might not post anything for days, but i've to visit her blog regularly. That's the magic of 'south of the border, west of the sun.'
Well, gotta go. Cyber cafes are not very conducive to creative writing these days. And I don't get much time in the official hours.


Anonymous said...


Great to hear you got the card :) Well, I also love to receive cards and letters, REAL letters, no email (though I've got nothing against it...).
I hope you'll enjoy postcrossing as much as I do.

Obi Wan said...

All the best for post-crossing. I used to write a lot of snail-mail a few years ago, but have now gone over to the dark side: only emails/sms/phone calls for me now! Sad :-(

Yeah, AFJ is a proper celeb, complete with the nakhras of celebs, like disappearing for days on end, and then suddenly flooding her blog with so much new stuff that you find it impossible to read it all! She's going to kill me for this... bachao!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Only yesterday, I made a resolution to write a proper letter to my 90-something year old great-uncle. He promised to email me a year ago, but I don't think technology is his strong point.

He writes proper old-fashioned letters, with beautiful handwriting and handsome prose. I haven't even written my letter yet and I'm already dreaming of the reply.

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Adi: Celeb??? Who me??? You must be kidding! But thanks for the cross promotion!

Obi Wan: I will kill you not that but for calling me a celeb! :)

dreamt before

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