Wednesday, July 12, 2006

mumbai mayhem

7 blasts,
hundreds dead,
more injured,
thousands affected...

who's next?

may be me.

some people won't return home anymore...


starry said...

Adi..I was truely saddened to har about this. my heart goes out to the people of Mumbai,may their spirit be always prayers for the families of the injured and the dead. I just cannot think how someone can do this.with no remorse or guilt.robbing people of their lives, we have no right to take a life of another.

dwaipayan said...

everyone is vulnerable. safety is just a word.

Obi Wan said...

It was sad, but more than that, it was shocking- terrorism has truly reached our homes. What was heartening was that Bombay was back on it's feet in no time.

Anonymous said...

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dreamt before

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