Thursday, August 17, 2006


Yesterday, it was Janamashtmi- Lord Krishna's birthday. Celebrated all over India, it might be the most popular birthday in the world after Christmas.

Religious minded Hindus, observe a fast this day, breaking it at the joyuous moment of Gopal's (as Krishna is fondly called) time of birth. Exactly at the stroke of midnight.

Shri Krishna is the God of Bliss, anandam and together with His consort, Shri Radha the epitome of 'ras' that is essence of beauty & love. Mantra for a perfect life my dear.

The poem above describes the squeaky, cute sound made by a child's slippers as he enters my home. And how happy I'm because of that.

Man, i'll have to have some translation skills.

Krishna, my forever friend.


dwaipayan said...

yeah!!it was the birthday of india's most famous playboy who grew up to be the most tricky politician

starry said...

Happy krishna Jayanthi to you. did you draw that pic of Lord Krishna?

delhidreams said...

phentermine: thanks

dwiapayan: yeah, watever u say these days, where's ur project heading...

starry: no lalitha, i didn't. i wish though. hows the 13yr old poetess?

Anonymous said...

i'll have to include passworded comments on this blog.
don't like these spam messages.
pheebes, m okay, i was not the one involved in those accidents.

Anonymous said...

leave the translations for pheebee, playboy or not he is very adorable.....tricky politician.....thought of the good....better than rama(atleast he was never a hpocrite...did everything in the open) sorry ram bakhto...
no i still dont think god has any interest in my life....or even if he does...its just a game for him.....with levels of challenges....i seem to be failing ths days....

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous: at least u can sign as hagrid.
yeah i shud leave the translations for pheebees or someone capable, m not upto the mark...but if i wont try, how will i learn

those who call krishna the playboy or rama the hypocrite dont actually understand the concept of avatar and divinity.

n i still think god has some interest left in ur life....

the game bit is interesting though, a new way to look at life,

perhaps u'll write something about it ;)

this is the way u sign off, choose the anonymous option from the three options below, and then write ur name, that is hagrid. simple, na?

dreamt before

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