Saturday, August 19, 2006

the tale of two accidents

well, not much of a tale. these were the two accidents that hankered me a lot in the past few days. i was not a physical part of them, not a witness, just a distant observer of the going on's in my drama of life;
and as i'm continuing with my stories between 4 n 14th...

Rahul Kumar Raichowdhury's Bike Accident

He has been introduced on this blog before. In short, a dear friend, the only roommate i ever managed and one of the most zindadil insaan (full-of-life human being) met in this journey of life.

Had an accident due to rash driving and being a show-off while trying to avoid hitting a child crossing the sreet. The difference between applying brakes sensibly if a child has ventured onto road and trying to skid the bike glamorously without braking, is something he now understands well. And for a change, there were some confessional sentiments on his part too.

Almost broke his left hand, right knee and right cheek bone. Which girlfriend's prayers saved him, we still wonder.

So, Mr. Show-off was on bed for two days, and incapable for almost a week. Has not recovered fully yet, but the parties and Fropper get-together's have started again. I wish him full recovery quickly.

Reena Sharma's Bus Accident

Something so freaky abnormal could happen to one of the most normal of girls, nobody could have imagined. Reena is a sister of mine who could fit well the role of any girl-next-door, decent, bhartiya (Indian) daughter to the max.

On an as normal a day as could be, she came back home from the office with a stiff back. Result of another bumpy bus ride over Delhi's potholed roads. Simple as that. So, the family members suggest her a lot of things, pain killers follow, with warm massages and later specific exercises for the back suggested by dear uncle. Nothing helps. A month later she is admitted to the hospital with severe back injury and blood clotting near the lower back bone.

Now she's on bed, advised to remain completely immobilized, for another month or so. I went to see her on Rakhi day. Tried to make her laugh but even that was not allowed. So we cried. Her's visible, mine silent. Nothing binds you much than a moment of grief shared together.
Anyways, she has promised a special 'home-made dosa' party for all of us. I just wish her a quick & complete recovery.

I'd mixed experiences that day. The celebration of this peculiar relation between a brother & sister. On the festival of Rakhi, I experienced smiles & tears, joy & sorrow, friendships & blood relations... and somehow felt a bit distant from all this. Perhaps because of we were two brothers only kind of thought?

But that will come in the next post. About Rakhi. Or might not...


meet_me said...

I do wish speedy recovery to these 2 people...
I hope that they are back on their feet soon n i also hope that u get ur dosa party soon!
God bless u all Take care

starry said...

Adi..I do hope these two important people in your life get well soon.That was nice u were able to visit with your sister. I am sure your presence made her feel a little better.

delhidreams said...

thanks pheebes and lalitha, rahul has more or less recovered, and he was not going to lie low for more than a week.
reena will take some time. she's at home now but will take around a month more to be mobile.
thanks for your wishes, i know you too are always there with me.

Peenuts said...

Hey is this "Rahul Kumar Raichowdhury's", the one i met along with aparna..??

delhidreams said...

Peenuts: yeah, this is the same gentleman.

dreamt before

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