Tuesday, September 12, 2006


who gathers these words for us
and tells us their meaning clear

who says a moment is a moment
and a year a year

i will coin my own words now
and to my heart hold them dear

i'll call 'her' the 'smile'
and her 'memory' the 'tear'

Image: © Brenda Chrystie/CORBIS; Photographer: Brenda Chrystie; Creator Name: Brenda Chrystie; Date Created: 2000


Anonymous said...

Dear Adi..sorry that i have not replied recently to your comments. I am truely sorry, but I have been busy with my work and projects and I think of you often, and hope you are well. A hug Richard

Aditi said...

really well written

delhidreams said...

Richard: bless you. be busy, be wonderful ;)

Aditi: ab main kya kahoon, meri modesty rok leti hai mujhe...

Movie Mazaa said...

Finely penned, Adi!!

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful...
"I'll call her a smile and her memory a tear"...
Don't think I could praise you enough for those beautiful lines



aklanta said...

in that case there should be only smile, no memories

delhidreams said...

Velu: thanks. not as good as u though.

Pheebes: u won't let me stay on the ground ;)

Aklanta: in that case, somebody long on the walk should come back and start writing.

meet_me said...

Dear Adi,
I have more compliments for you. A couple of my friends read this piece of yours n mused, "kya baaaaaaat hai !!! "


dreamt before

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