Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mumbai, Nasik, what next...

what's up dude?
aaj kahan bombs phate?
(where did the bombs go out today?)

some people won't return home anymore

who gains out of this...

am worried of the day, when this also becomes somewhat like the daily news,
and people growing accustomed to this too, that'll be the day when we'll lose the war.

God bless them all

and when'll India learn from her mistakes?


dwaipayan said...

i have no words to say

Sumithra said...

Oh.. that's a big question.. And unfortunately, I don't think anyone knows the answer to that..

ketki said...

NASIK....that's my city......
what has happened is really unfortunate!

Aditi said...

Arently they already a little accustomed, a little blaze about the whole thing?

starry said...

you said it right, looks like it is becoming a daily phrase.people getting used too it.really sad.I do hope they wake up.

delhidreams said...

Dwaipayan: this is very the problem. u dont have even anything to say.

Sunshine: the answer is with us. we just dont take time to look for it. dwaipayan's comment gives an example of that.

Ketki: yesterday it was mumbai, delhi, today its nasik district, nobody knows what's on the hitlist.

Aditi: who r they? r 'they' not 'we'?

Starry: yeah, i do pray 'we' wake up someday. soon.

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