Wednesday, October 18, 2006


jhooth bolne se pehle
tum vichaar karte ho
sochte ho, kya bolun aisa
jo kal pakda na jaye

sach bolne se pehle
sochna nahi padta
sach to swayambhu hai
khud hi prakat hota hai

pyaar bhi to sach hi hota hai na?

before saying a lie
u ponder
and think, what to say
which should not be caught tomorrow

before saying a truth
you don't have to think
truth is self-appearing
takes birth itself

isn't love too like truth?

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Movie Mazaa said...

sure, it is!

Aditi said...

but pyar chupana kyun hota hain?

Anonymous said...

Dont think its as simple as that, no? Sometimes a lie is worth a million truths.

oceanic mirages said...

Adi... LOVE IS LOVE and nothing else.....

sophie said...


dreamt before

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