Tuesday, October 31, 2006


on a day that came after seven stretched out days, a minute that was preceded by forty five minutes of waiting and a moment that appeared after a million agonising moments... i felt her head on my shoulder and nothing else matterred anymore.
chhuo mat,
bikhar jayega ye,
simat jayega apne khol mein kahin,
ya beh jayega yaad ban ke…
saans ka jajba hai
saans rok ke jiyo ise…

don’t touch,
it will scatter,
hide into its shell
or turning into a memory, will flow away
it’s a feeling of breath
live it, holding your breath...

isn't it amusing, that after a whole week of preparation, of careful selection of clothes to look like i haven't bothered about what to wear and a more particular preparation of what to say & what to do when i'll meet her...i found myself again without words & gestures.

just outside the delhi university metro station, the sunday afternoon sun found me settled beneath a slightly wrinkled, but shaded tree. i feel, it will see me there a little often these days :)


Pranay said...

Hey nice post. Very simple and still captivating.
Though didn't understand the context.

Aditi said...

(for i got no words just a big smile)

Anonymous said...


Shruti said...

hi adi,
nice words...
simply superb....

Anonymous said...

I hope it's someone special.

Anonymous said...

i understand the context and all.you descrivbed your feelings so well. let's make a deal..I'll start stealing some of your pieces to woo my love.. of course.. you'll not get the credits officially!!:P

sophie said...

You sound "in love"
and such a tender offering this
poem to the newness and sweetness
of love.

I really love the picture -
it is so bright and happy and

Like love:)

starry said...

simple and swweet, so much in love.someone special?

delhidreams said...

pranay: u'll, if u happen to scroll down a bit :)

aditi: =)

anonymous: teri aisi ki taisi ;)

shruti: thanks :)

vi: yes vi, i hope too!

dwaipayan: anything to make her agree, i'll write anything for u two too

sophie: i think i'm in this feeling we call love. i think i've always been. a few days it was ago it was for past, now, perhaps for the future ;)

starry: c'mon starry! u r my special friend, u ought to know this :)

Anonymous said...

great!! so from now I'll mail you some thing and u just write a piece on that and mail me back.. good..u r now my offical shayar!!

[a} said...

did u write this yourself? me like!

[a} said...

i'm glad i can read the urdu version..

delhidreams said...

dwai: great, just ask my boss to give me somewhat less of a thing called responsibilities ;)

(ni)moni.ni: m i glad?

Sigma said...

Lovely post, Adi. All the very best of life to you two :-)

Anonymous said...

trebmling while i ask this.........but you met whom adi.............?

delhidreams said...

dwai: thanks for the honour ;)

sigma: what can i say in reply...hmmm

autumn: someone, who might be the one.

Anonymous said...

Adi, U rock man!
~~~ Love seems to be in the air ~~~
Adi itna suspense create kar ke rakha hai... plz plz plz i wanna (stressed) know what's going on!


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