Friday, October 27, 2006

still no words, adi?

it is strange, when I’d no words, the world came by and listened.

thanks to everyone who came around to delhidreams, sat with me and heard whatever i'd to say. why i'm writing this. because delhidreams is a year old now.

more so, at a time when i do not feel like posting anything. so many poems are written, lying abandoned, rusting in the notebooks, because i want to post something special for one individual.

life has closed one chapter, and a fresh one has begun. and this all took form recently. perhaps, the process was on for some time, only i didn't realize the world changing around me. yes hagrid, god does exists, and it exists in your very shadows. it existed there all the time. how foolish i could have been. and bugs, yes i've been naive enough to ignore everything, whether gift or abuse, fault or purpose, perhaps not this one, not this time.

am feeling very calm. at ease with myself and the world around. everything has a new beauty, like the old landlord couple above. it is something felt, till the very pores of these fingers.

and this time too, nothing except words for you, my teacher.

main roun to mere aansu nahi
main muskuraun to main nahi
main kya likhun, main kya padhun
mere shabd ye mere nahi
ye kaise tujhko bataun main
meri har main me, samayi hai tu hi

a translation attempt for starry and others,

if i cry, the tears are not mine
if i smile, i'm not the one smiling
what do i write, what do i read
these words are not mine
how do i tell you
you are the one, merged in my every 'me'

can't find an end to this post
no full-stops here
its a journey, and the journey needs no end
just three dots would do here,

welcome to delhidreams...


Sigma said...

Congratulations on completing one full year of blogging.

You write well, even when you feel you have no words ....

.. it's only words, and words are all i have .... ?

Aditi said...

well first happy bday to delhi dreams
and second..
yipee!!! on the changes in your life because they seem to be positive..
i hope the words come again and we can read them again but till then..

dwaipayan said...

hapy birthday delhi dreams!! and adi, you say it best when you say nothing at all...

but that certainly doesn't mean that you'll stop writing..

keep blogging and best of luck...

Revealed said...

There's a saying: Do not speak unless you can improve the silence :).
But there's silence and there's silence. Yours seems to be the nicer sort. Congratulations on that. I wish a hundered more such silences on you (though not on delhidreams:).
Oh and how you can reach me?? I'm right here, arent I :p.

Aparna Mudi said...

main roun to mere aansu nahi
main muskuraun to main nahi
main kya likhun, main kya padhun
mere shabd ye mere nahi
ye kaise tujhko bataun main
meri har main me, samayi hai tu hi
another attempted translation

i cry, with the tears that are not mine
i smile, i'm not the one
what may i write, what may i read
for these words are not mine
wat do i tell you
for you are the one, merged in my every 'me'

Metal said...

Shit man...ur sketches and posts are too damn good..take a bow!

Anonymous said...

congrats :)
you dont need words sometimes.. to feel just fine.
well written.

= rich

Movie Mazaa said...

have a great time, blogging, Adi. Am I a bit late in wishing u a hapz bday in blogging????


sophie said...

I just love your writing -
so poetic -
i loved the line
"everything has a new beauty
like the old landlord couple above..."

it made me feel hopeful somehow -
and the idea that you are in a place that was "arriving" for
a while - sounds so wonderful.
I am looking forward to being in that place - or recognizing that
i am in the place -

so glad to have found your
beautiful blog:)

Sigma said...

I have recoprocated in kind :-) You are tagged :-)) Check out my blog!

How do we know said...

Happy Birthday to the blogging habit!
THough I am a recent addition to the reader club on this blog, i quite like the way you put things sometimes.

Anonymous said...


starry said...

Congratulations on your first year of Blogging.I have enjoyed all your posts and am so glad I met you through your blog.I have to say that you are very talented,you can take the most simplest thing ang bring meaning to it.Your compassion and sincerity touches me. Even if you have just one word Adi, thats all that is needed.Take care and thank you for translating the poems.It means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Adi!
I can't believe u started blogging later than me ... coz u are so marvellous at it....
God bless u always

San said...

happy bloggasvery

Suji said...

Congrats on ur bloganniversary. First time on this blog. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Where r u ?? Still at loss of words? Borrow mine for some time! I have words but lack time to write them in their entirity :-s
Btw, i did write a couple of posts recently...
take care

delhidreams said...

gosh, m i late ;)

appu: thanks mate. i too enjoy ur posts a lot. keep blogging.

sigma: yup, its only words that i've! thanks for the tag. i'll visit it soon.

aditi: for a change, the changes seem to be positive =)

dwai: no, i cant stop writing, how can i?

revealed: yes, there's silence and then there's the silences we like...thanks for revealing urself ;)

shadows: hmmmm :)

abhinav: sketches r not mine buddy, but words r...

rich: right said mate!

velu: no u r not late. being late or early is so unrelative to the actual feelings. isnt it?

sophi: thanks a lot. m happy u liked those words. i too liked them ;) and your blog is nice, i've already bookmarked it.

how do we know: yup sometimes!!! thanks :)

vi: thanks!

starry: lalitha, all i can say is thanks for helping me re-discovering my words :)

pheebes: have always been a late starter ;) and yes, another sunday has passed and i do have a bagful of memories to share, but time and work constraints are a bit much now :(

san: thanks san!

suji: thanks suji!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm Indian. =D

And I have no idea how I found your blog..I go blog surfing a lot and just click links from one onto the next! =)

Sumithra said...

Congratulations, Adi! :-)

Movie Mazaa said...

came around checking for a new post...

Anonymous said...

hey adi!!! mubarakan. kya baat hai ye shayar chup abtak kyu hai?

Anonymous said...


dreamt before

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