Friday, November 24, 2006

ek aur subah


adhkhuli aankhon mein
adhbhuje se khwaab lekar

adhjagi subah mein kuch
adhbane ehsaas lekar

neend ye khulti hai ab
bus tera hi naam lekar

how this morning brings her presence to me, when these eyes are still half-open, when the dreams are still half-extinguished, when the lazy morning is getting up lazily, when the feelings are still taking shape, how the morning brings her name to me.

this i won't even attempt to translate :)

perhaps aditi again or sigma or dee might help ;)
i'll post the translation then.


dwaipayan said...

I tried but 24hours se jada uske bina raha na gaya...

que sera sera,
whatever wil be will be,
the future is not on us to see,
que sera sera

How do we know said...

this is really very nice, and i prefer your poetry without the translation.. its got a nice feel to it in Hindi.. not too difficult to understand, and not too easy, lest it may be flippant!

Like also the fact tht you are in love, and it seems to have given you a glow.. :-)

Best Wishes on your journey!

nihar said...

gr8 adi in luv,wel wel i knw tat.
let me give u a suggestion,aap soye hi raha karo,unke khwab dekha karo,jo ki aajkal aap khuli aankhon se dekh rahe ho;)
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,its gr8 to be in luv,:)

Anonymous said...

Pity; I can't understand it. =/

sophie said...

It is sublime how the
morning brings her name to you.


oceanic mirages said...

jo raat us ka naam le kar uske ehsaas me kho jati hai, use subah ki jarurat hi nahi...

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem. Pls dont try to translate it. It loses its intensity. :))

Of all the seasons only rains and winters are the romantic ones. ;) Both so different but yet so similar in conveying the message.

Best Luck!!

Adi, you wrote something on my blog about something ;) happening here. :P Not going in detail. Even Sigma was telling the same.

Don't be so 'khoye khoye', request you write in detail abt it, maybe thru a story like I did. :)

Aditi said...

this one.. is just not possible to translate...
its too beautiful as is

Sigma said...

It is very, very beautiful. I too will not attempt to translate it, despite your kind invitation, lest it loses the beauty ....

dreamt before

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