Thursday, November 02, 2006


a puddle
is but a hollow
of empty earth
and wasted water
like me,
a heroic hollow
of empty promises
and a mud filled soul
but a night comes
when even the puddle becomes beautiful
a night
when the moon smiles in it
i am waiting, for the night
when my moon will come
and merge in to my eyes
making me beautiful, for ever
image courtsey,


Aditi said...

love the analogy and the words
but.. its not really wasted water is it.. its the puddle where the children play... the paper boats float... and the stray dogs drink out of..
it has tons of reasons to exist.. it just doesnt see past the moon

oceanic mirages said...

The hollow exists so that the puddle can be formed, the promises are not empty but filled with the fear of not being true to self, the moon is not beautiful but the eyes that behold it with all the light that can exist on this earth making it beautiful... the puddle in the moonlight becomes beautiful coz you think so, feel so. Everything thats beautiful is the reflection of your own inner peace n calm... Hmmm???

delhidreams said...

aditi: u made the puddle feel good about it :)

deepti: and u made the puddle feel love within it :)

sophie said...

this poem was so filling-
and i am waiting for my moon:)

I just love your blog.

Anonymous said...

"i am waiting, for the night
when my moon will come"
and m lucky enough i have my moon, really far away as the real moon, but still so so so close by!
I hope ki aapko aapka chand jaldi nazar aaye!
TAke care

delhidreams said...

sophie: and i love yours :)

pheebes: and i hope u meet urs soon, ad as an added benefit, me too ;)

dreamt before

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