Monday, November 06, 2006

sunday forever


waqt ki is dhadkan ko
apni aankhon se chhookar
poora banati ho
tum pyaar ko,
pyaar banati ho

its that time of life when even five friends feel like a crowd.

let aparna draw the positive & negative space assignment for her friend, let agnibh pull akash's legs as much he likes, let anjum be as infatuated as he is with neha...let the world go round & round doing whatever it wants to do...all i beg for, is her head to stay on my heart and my arms around her...and these heartbeats will be complete.

this sunday afternoon, we were at aparna's place, and amongst all this crowd, she was there with me. this sunday afternoon, i was with her. all i beg for, is this sunday to stay with me forever.


your eyes
this moment's heartbeat
and complete it
you make love
what love is

song of the moment, 'aap ki nazaron ne samjha' by lata
image courtsey,


oceanic mirages said...

hmmm...dis sunday will stay 4ever... n well a very beautiful image.

delhidreams said...

dee: yes, i really really liked this image. so well says whatever i wanted to :) happy sundays to u too...

dreamt before

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