Wednesday, November 08, 2006

these eyes of yours


ye aankhen
dekhta hoon to lagta hai
bahot jaagi hain kisi intezar mein
aa, mere mehboob
choom loon inhen main
aur bhar doon
hazar sapne in mein


these eyes
when i see them
seems, have stayed awake many a nights
come, my love
let me kiss them
and fill them
with a thousand dreams
image courtsey,


Anonymous said...

lovely poetry...umm did you write it yourself? ;;)

by the way...glad to know you have english translations...easier for us to understand...who doesn't speak your language ;))

nihar said...

adi,u r so romantic. wow. lucky someone, ;-)

Revealed said...

Seriously you're like the most romantic person I've met :P. Do you talk like this? Or is it only for the blog?
I love the poetry btw (in case it sounded like I didnt :P)

Anonymous said...

Will the dreams come true?

Keshi said...

my eyes never sleep...even when Im asleep.

Lovely words there!

insane freak said...

Co-incidently, yesterday was a sleepless night of tears for me...
Leading undoubtedly,to an awakening with swollen eyes... Carressed back to normal with the kiss of a gel :)

your words heal..

= rich

Sumithra said...

You are the most romantic guy I've met too :-)and I'm repeating Revealed's question. are you like this in real life too?

sophie said...

lucky luckly girl to have you:)

neersart said...

kya baat hai adi.......ladkiyon ke bahut romantic comments mil rahe hein......hmmm kaafi romantic hote ja rahe ho aajkal. usne haan kar di hai kya........ha ha ha

jokes apart......vry nice, i loved the lines. keep it up.

delhidreams said...

ichei: i guess, i did :) my translation skills are not upto the mark though...

nihar: yeah, lucky someone. or perhaps unlucky me :(

revealed: yeah, i am the most sarcastically romantic person in this world :) its not me ma'm, this all is a fault of you women!

vi: this is the hope that propels me forward...otherwise, there's not much to live for...

keshi: your eyes are poems in themselves :)

rich: that is the biggest thing i ever got. thanks rich for reading and sharing :)

sunshine: oh c'mon, i tend to avoid leg pulling if being practised on me :) and whatever i write here is truly, deeply, madly me.

sophie: hmmm, lemme ask her and come back to you :)

neersart: blimey, devil gets a comment from the angel...gosh, i didn't felt much red last few years, seriously blushing dear ;) nahi neer, its not what you think and thanks for the lines.

Anonymous said...

2 things ur post reminds me of -

* - a beautiful line i read in some blog that went like.."Beauty says.. in those eyes i am beautiful"

*-one of my fave Abida ghazals (i like her ghazals more than her Sufiana singing somehow) -
"Ajab nain tere"

oceanic mirages said...

Intezar me nahi jagi
shayad dekha karti thi use,
jo so hi nahi payi ye
ki deedar ojhal na ho jaye,
Vo ehsaas;
jo aankho se labon tak aata hai
har saans me ghul jaata hai... HMMM...Reminds me of Lucky ali's (gori teri aankhen kahen)

Anonymous said...

lovely. i like the urdu version better...

Anonymous said...

Wow , what lovely lines. Are they written by you ?

reminds me of a line I read somewhere...
"You love me because I am beautiful or I am beautiful because you love me?"

delhidreams said...

suparna: u r a gem. and ur reminders are even more so. ajab nain tere...hmmm

dee: wish i cud sing like him :) phir tera dimaag khataa poori tarah...

ni: thanks, i too liked the original one. but m learning to translate too ;)

cuckoo: hmmm, i'm beautiful because she loves me...

dreamt before

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