Wednesday, November 22, 2006

to all

i've been blue or euphoric enough not to write anything for the last few days. its all how you interpret. yeah revealed, u've noticed that, and how more right you could be, gotta bleed to feel the blood flowing in my veins :)

some people might call me stupid, irrational, overtly sentimental, which i agree i am, but i also can't leave that moment when i left her on the platform. standing alone by herself. god knows i can write about a lot of things. even now, i've a job list full of medicated oils, construction projects, beauty brochures, textile mills and what not. plus, there's so much to talk; delhi, winters, cricket, politics, society, news, personalities... there are a thousand things which i can blabber about. all i need is willing ears ;)

but i can't just stop talking about her. like, for example, with her, even the dried out, brown leaves falling from trees look beautiful. like, how she makes silence sound the most wonderful thing in the world, i can write poetry, i can tell you about this very moment, like, how at 6pm in the evening, when its pitch black and drizzling outside, the first winter showers, all i wish is her to be with me.

i m sorry if i've bored people here, but to be true, i felt, its only after getting this post out of my system will i be able to say anything more.

perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow.

delhidreams, hmmm, it has an altogether different feel now :)


dwaipayan said...

good..atleast someone's happy

Anonymous said...

we're all reading and hopefully the men here are learnign

Revealed said...

As long as its a good feel then it doesn't matter if its different, but I think the brown leaves are falling are pretty neway!!!! :)

PS: Please don't talk about cricket. Its depressing me right now.

insane freak said...

When nothing else matters enough.
When all it takes is one memory or feeling, or hope.
How pretty...
Your winter looks warm and green :)

= rich

jac said...

Thank you for the visit. As long as you write, there will be ears to listen.

For me I would be glad to see read your poetry. That will make one more thing common between us, other than 'my cousin vinny'

Come again Pal.

oceanic mirages said...

The pain hurts ven u say goodbye sans words buddy but it makes the wait to be able to meet agin very beautiful, may the euphoria never die ;@) take care buddy.

Anonymous said...

No need to talk about anything else...
Keep talking the way you want to... we are all ears and perhaps she also ;)

Listening to this song right now which I think very apt for this occasion...

Bahut door hoke bahut paas ho tum
Meri zindagi mera ehsaas ho tum..

Anonymous said...

the silences when ppl leave - i never find words to describe that one.. it's like waves flooding over n breaking, one at a time.

nihar said...

hmmmmmmm adi ji,kya hoga apka,isqe ka bhot kuch jyada hi swar ho gaya hai apko,chalo acha hai,gud for u.
b happy,n thats what i want ,n make someone happy too;)
take care.

Anonymous said...

You don't always have to write to entertain others. Sometimes writing for yourself is infinitely better (and far more honest).

sophie said...

i am a hopeless romantic and
i just love reading about

i love the magic it spins in your
blog - the fairy dust that settles
about your sighing words...

delhidreams said...

dwai: u r happy cos i'm happy :)

aditi: we men are not supposed to love anything ma'm, and that's what makes you women superior...

revealed: yeah, cricket m avoiding like crowded buses of delhi :)

rich: thanks. warm, green , sunny and fuzzy :)

jac: i m bad at reading poetry ;) but i'll come again for sure.

deepti: may the euphoria never die, amen :)

cuckoo: thanks. yes, she is here reading all this and scolding me up.

suparna: absolutely fabulous.

nihar: sar pe bhoot chad gaya hai mere aajkal ;)

vi: i don't think i've written for others for a long time...

sophie: *sighs* :)

mindslide: thanks a ton :)

meet_me said...

Adi, doesn't love change your world so beautifully? and even your blog ;)

U know what? I am actaullly very glad to come to your blog ... and I am feeling apologetic for not readin it all this time ...

I can see myself in ur words, I can see myself speak the same language!!
Oh boy!

bus pyaar hi toh hai
jo jeena sikhata hai
bus pyaar hi toh hai
jo apne alawa kisi ka hona sikhata hai
bus pyaar hi toh hai
jo tanhai mein tanha nahi chhodta hai
bus pyaar hi toh hai
jo zindagi ko naye rah par modta hai
bus pyaar hi toh hai ....

dreamt before

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