Friday, November 03, 2006


a translation of the previous post by sigma. for starry and others...


When you depart,
turn away quickly
and board
your bus
or the metro train
that takes you away from me.

leave without saying a goodbye
because I cannot bear
to see you go away

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Revealed said...

But no, dont translate it. It somehow doesn't sound the same :(

starry said...

Thank you Adi for translating it.I think it is so true, you miss someone when they leave, especially if it is the one you love.goodbyes are never easy.

delhidreams said...

revealed: u'll get the answer in starry's comment...

starry: thanks starry. and yes, goodbyes are never ever easy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation; I wouldn't have understood it otherwise...

Anonymous said...

Hi adi,
My first time here.
well, if one knows both the languages then yes.. I agree with revealed. It never gives the same effect but it should not discourage you in future.
For people who can not understand Hindi, it's a good alternative. Keep it up.

Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. Keep doing that. :)

sophie said...

Well, i love "missing someone"
- it means you are full of love
and the missing is reminder
that you are lucky enough to
have someone to miss:)

beautiful poem Adi.

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful - in Hindi and in English..

there's a most beautiful song in Marathi that's doin the rounds curently - kinda similar, equally poignant..

our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought?? :)

i have no clue why, but ur poem reminded me of this one by shayar Faiz Ahmed Faiz that i cant help sharing - read here -

Revealed said...

Oops I've been duly put in my place I see :P. Yeah, of course its nice to have it translated when you don't know both languages and its a pretty good translation. I just sometimes get the feeling that in indian languages things that are said can't really be translated into English without losing something. English is so cold. It lacks the vibrancy and warmth of Hindi or Tamil or Sanskrit or ne of our languages. Hence, the comment :).

nihar said...

hmmmm,greatwork sirji. well m too blogging nw,

delhidreams said...

vi: thanks. translation was by sigma ma'm though.

cuckoo: hope you will. thanks :)

sophie: thanks :)

suparna: its strange. amazing to say the least. i've been needing someone called suparna in my life these days.
thanks for the link. faiz is as always, brilliantly poignant.

revealed: i won't say that english is cold. but yes, hindi or urdu feels more close to heart. perhaps that's why hindi is my 'mother tongue'?

nihar: sweet factory ji, i've checked your blog. and your di's effect rubs on you too ;) best of luck.

dreamt before

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