Wednesday, December 27, 2006


kisi din subah
jab tum kholo aankhein apni
aur muskurao chupke se
raat ke kisi sapne pe

us waqt agar
tumhare chehre par jhuke
main bhar jaoon tumhare naino mein
bus jaoon tumhare hothon mein

tumhi batao pyaar
kaisi woh subah hogi

a dream for a morning.
translation, i'll attempt in the comments section.

m not writing poems here. there is no craft involved. all these are just pieces of conversation we've. like the last one before christmas. or when i imagine i've talked to her, like this one, today.

image courtsey, getty images.


Cuckoo said...

Wah kya khoobsurat subah hogi woh.

Beautiful thought..just wonderful :))))

Aditi said...

beautiful words and thoughts

Anonymous said...

Those conversations are still worth something...I do hope that you continue posting them. I like reading it.

delhidreams said...

(feeble translations)

dream for a morning


some day in the morning
when you open your eyes
and smile a coy smile
on some dream of last night

that moment, if
bent on your face
i fill up in your eyes
and settle on your lips

tell me love
what a morning that'll be

starry said...

Adi..just beautiful.It may be just conversations but it is meaningful and many can relate to it.Thanks for sharing.Happy New year.

nihar said...

yes,n tat will be the most beautiful morning,lovely conversation adi,:)
wel kafi dino baad m on ur blog,m back till holidays,then again my papers:(

Sugarlips said...

Subah ki itni khobsurat shuruat :)
Lovely !!

Stay Beautiful...!!

Arti Honrao said...

wow! so u converse in poetry ;)
Okk! This reminds me of lines from my poem. I had written a female and male version of same poem, the lines are

"Roz uthta hoon alarm ki awaaz sunnkarr
Ab “Aji sunte ho” ki awaaz sunnkarr uthna chahta hoon"

You can read more Here

sophie said...

"i fill up in your eyes
- and settle on your lips"

the bliss of the morning kiss:)


Arti Honrao said...

Hi again!
Just in case u intend to follow d hindi blog ...
it's shifted to This url


meet_me said...

hey Adi!
what a conversation ... i mean WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Take care

Vidya said...

You're right, I haven't really been writing. I've sort of been in a rut (either a lack of things to say or an ineloquent way of saying them). However, I'll resume as soon as I am able to.

San said...

Wishing you many more beautiful mornings :)

Anonymous said...

Mai dhoop k aanchal se dhaanp k vo sapne,tere hothon se kuch lafz chura kar,apni aankhon me ek kavita bunungi,subah se le kar shaam dhale tak apne hothon pe saja tera naam padhungi...
Rt dear wizard.....
Mis u.

Anonymous said...

have a great year!

totaramkiaaatma said...

Happy new year!!!! ok

Revealed said...

You almost make me a believer :). Have a great year

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Adi! :)


delhidreams said...

cuckoo: thanks, hope hum and tum will have a beautiful year ahead :)

aditi: thanks twin

vi: thanks vi. i do hope u come of the blues this new year.

starry: thanks a ton starry. hope u'll recover soon and enjoy life in all its glory.

nihar: sweet factory, may ur wishes come true, soon ;)

sugarlips: u too. wish u many mornings like this.

arti: yes, i read both the poems and bookamrked ur blog at that very moment :)

sophie: hmmmm. bliss is in having love. and in having friends like you. happy new year :)

meet_me: itni badi wow??? hope u r fine now :)

san: wish u same.

anon: i love u. now i want to live u.

yellow: thanks ms curry n' spice :) have a sizzling new year.

totaram ji: ghani khamma annadata, kabhi to padharo mhare des... naya saal mubarak ho, apko bhi.

revealed: well, almost :)
have a great year writing stories and perhaps making your own one ;)

keshi: hey, so u r back? have a blast in the new year, kool keshi.

dreamt before

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