Thursday, January 25, 2007

12 days to go...

sitting across the room
i see her shy smile
escaping, the curve of lips
and reaching her eyes
how silently
it fills me up with warmth
love happens,
in a slow motion

yesterday, on the 24th of january 2007, i was with her. took an off from office just to live the day with my parents and her. its another matter, that a few friends still filtered in through my reluctances :) but, i love them all. sachin, aparna, rahul whom i met in person. aparna, my hagrid came to my place for the first time and it didn't felt like that. that's the best thing about her. sachin will behave like real sachin only with me, that's the best thing about him. and mr. rahul raichowdhury will behave like a rahul raichowdhury with anyone, anyday-and that's the best thing about him :)

got a lot of calls and sms' from all over the country. dwai, from kolkata; aditi-my twin from mumbai and pushkin-my pen friend from hyderabad, that is the east, west, south of india :) and ofcourse, from north, that is himachal, my elder brother-friend, arvind called up late in the night on being reminded by sachin!

thanks to all of you too, for your good wishes.
dwai: yes that magic is impossible to recreate in any words!
ciuckoo: may god grant me this wish real soon ;) there was no party as such, just what you read above.
suparna: thanks a ton, although i expected something in shayari from your end!
alok: thanks mate! love, luck n life! ah, who doesn't need that :)
sugarlips: blast with dee!!! yup, sure ;)
starry: oh lalitha! that was wonderful, i hope to make dee happier in the coming years, and i'll need all your blessings full of love.
vi: no, its not your fault, even my kids will consider me younger than what i'll be ;) thanks
sophie: yup, that song flowed from the heart of my heart, and thanks for the photo comment, i need to look good when i am angry :)
sigma: yes, i had a really good day, waiting for the lifetime to unfold!!!
ashish: thanks dost.
totaramkiaaatma: i really expected a phone call or an sms from you. after my last comment.
pheebes: cheers!!! am delirious, this whole day has been spent in a daze! clouds have come to the ground this time!!!
aklanta: that was a very thoughtful wish. thanks.
chco: "without knowing so" hmmm. yes, you are absolutely right. my best dream, dee, has been fulfilled without both of us ever realizing what was going on! i'll sure keep your words in mind and now don't you ever say that you don't have a literary bent of mind :)
obi: "happy" i am. and yes, may the force be with all of those who have set out for their dreams.
chloe: i will try. sure. this is the one lesson, that i've realised yesterday. which i'll share with all of you below.

and considering that, i've lot to talk, and much less of time, this post or its mood will continue in the next one also. i leave you all with a quote by Osho,

"The greatest understanding is to know that nothing can be understood, that all is mysterious and miraculous."

as for love, Dee, i would not try to justify it with a reason. there is nothing to be understood or to find a logic with it. i love you, because i do :)


totaramkiaaatma said...

now u shud not complain

starry said...

I bet it was a wonderful day spent with dee. I wish you and Dee nothing but Happiness and Love Always.

madelyn said...

"i love you because i do"

gave me tingles.

because it is true.

Cuckoo said...

"i love you because i do"

Ahh that was the best !!

Waiting for next part... :)

dwaipayan said...


Anonymous said...

I love u too :-)

Anonymous said...

hmm 12 days to go ;)
before another treatttttttt :D
cheers !!!!

dreamt before

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