Thursday, January 18, 2007


says my persisting stars...

don't know
but sitting at the comp
nine twelve in the night
discussing a concept
of spirituality
for a commercial reason

dada reminds me
of the evenings i spent
looking at patterns
made by
water leaving the floor
after ma had washed it

a child
wishes shapes
in the evaporating water
is it
or contemplation


dwaipayan said...

what happened?? your mind seems to be somewhere off...

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm Where are you lost ?

imagination, or contemplation..
It is both. Think again.

Rani said...

interesting thoughts... i'd say both??

Anonymous said...

I think it is imagination .. and a lot more ... dreams, hopes, and whole magical world.


oceanic mirages said...

Yes its contemplation abt the lost imaginations that haunt and dont let breathe new dreams...
The world around stagnates n the spirit tries to wriggle out...

dreamt before

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