Monday, January 29, 2007

Hey Sigma, 8 days to go!

m deliriously happy today

it has happenned so rarely in the past few months, that i've to type this out first thing in the morning, office work can wait a bit ;)

and if you call the last 28th january as ms. destiny's play, then the game started much before that!!!

will tell u later, in the next post, as for now, i wud like to share her answer to my last query, with u guys, this is specially for you Vi and for my twin, cos she needs it now...

she replied, "Haan, karte the, karte hain, aur karte rahenge", accompanied with a kiss :) that translates to "Yes, we did, we do and we'll continue to love each other"

now, isn't that one reason enough to be happy :))


Aditi said...

ooh first to comment =)

such a sweet reason .. and yes definitely a reason to be deliriously happy...
touch wood

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm Simply Delirious...


Such a cute couple you two make.

Kala teeka laga lo.. buri nazar se bachayega.

Revealed said...

Touchwood, Adi. But be careful. They say the Gods don't like people being too happy.

(sorry about the pessimism, but you both look so unbelievably happy and I hope it always stays that way).

starry said...

You guys are too cute.Good enough reason to be delirious.

Rani said...

very cute.. and definitely a reason to be giggly happy and whatever else kinda happy ud like to be :) ..

dwaipayan said...

cool....btw, was the pic taaken in that pizza shop??

madelyn said...

...of the ones you sent me this was
my favorite - you look like such
incredible soul mates -
and Dee looks like Aishwarya!!

love - hugs - smiles...

Arti Honrao said...

Touchwood! N stay happy

best wishes

jugni said...

oye hoye, thats a true punjabi way to make some in blush,touch wood, wish u luk .

Sugarlips said...

Beautiful couple you two make
mashallah :)
I feel happy to see you both so much in love :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

dreamt before

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