Saturday, January 06, 2007

one day to go


intezaar kya hota hai
ye tum sikha chuke ho mujhe,
acchi tarah
Is jeevan mein
har khushi ka
intezaar hi to kiya hai maine
ab tak

agar main tumse
ek prarthna karoon
kya manoge meri baat

Agar main kahoon tumse
ki tham jana is baar thoda
jab main miloon
us se
Beet jaane dena kuch sadiyan
jab wo meri baahon mein ho
Padh lene dena mujhe uski aankhein
kuch hazaar saalon tak
Aur ruk jana ek-ek saal
har ek kadam par, jo hum saath saath lein

Samay, agar main kahun tumse
ki thaam lena apne chakr ko
jab main bichdoon us se
kya manoge meri baat

hum dost nahi the kabhi
par saath to chale ho tum hamesha mere
intezaar kar ke thak gaya hoon main
ab, pyaar karne do mujhe

i hope my teacher will translate this for me


Anonymous said...

A feeble attempt of translating the beautiful words of my W.....
I dont think i would be able to do justice to it but still...


The essence of waiting,
U have me taught me well;
Throughtout this life,
All i did was to,
Wait...For every single moment of happiness.

If i pray?
Would you heed to my prayers?
If i ask u,
to stop,
when i meet her next.
Let a few centuries go by,
As i hold her in my arms...
let me read her eyes,
For a few thousand years;
And stay For an year atleast,
At each step that We take together.

If i implore you...
to resrain your wheel from moving,
As i bid her Adieu...
Will u grant my request?

I accept,
we never were friends.
But you have always walked beside me.
M tired of waiting now,
Let me love...

I thank you for colouring my life with love adi...
Love you...

Anonymous said...

hi adi
nice poem but extremely senti....
nidhi(d's frnd)
take care

Anonymous said...

to ALL,

it was written last evening going back home. i was missing her a bit too much.
anyways, will be meeting her tomorrow. and all the tears will disappear.


Sigma said...

Nice poem Adi .... very beautiful ... and very true .... there are some moments when we want the time to just remain frozen ....

Cuckoo said...

Beautiful poem Adi, love always wants time to freeze forever.

Best Luck !!

sophie said...

i love the translation -
these are the moments truly
you wish to freeze time -
or at least slow it down -
so it is the best to savour
(sp?) each moment


dreamt before

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