Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DEE in ADI...

Hi everyone.
(Sprinkling words) Adi reminded me of this...
Yup, u r reading Dee again, From Adi...

My Birthday

Never before my birthday has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo special.But this time, it was.The presence of love in your life can do wonders.I live love each second of my life. Completely immersd in beauty.This person has taken me beyond this world.
The day started with his wishes,his love,his presence n throughout the day i adorned myself with love.Went to his place n got lots of blessings from ma n papa[m lucky to have two set of parents though it would amount to double conflicts nw ;)] n then after breakfast went to my old school with him to meet my students(i had done my internship there n m very attached to those kids),spent some very beautiful moments there n his presence made it all the more beautiful.Kept geting calls from friends n students in between.
Then went to his office n got wishes.Then we went to c.p,where most of my friends were supposed to come.There were two cakes one vanilla coz i like it n another chocolate which i dont like much.Spent the evening with friends when all i wanted was to be left alone with him(sounds selfish,i don't mind).
Got lot of gifts and the best was "A few Eye lashes for me to make wishes".Yes it was again him n its one of the gifts that he gave me.Dreams,Wishes,hopes. N i have Delhidreams as a book.=) published by him.N i have his love.N I did not cry on this birthday which i always do for some reason,it was all smiles coz he has taken away all my tears n has kept them in his heart n has given me all the smiles.I had never known such happiness before.
Its as if my life has become a blossoming flower covered with dew drops n his love is the fragrance that sets me apart from everyone else.N he has made it possible.He's my faith,my trust,my pride.He is me.
I love you Adi.
I love u a lot.
It was the most beautiful birthday i ever had.
May god bless us.
(Darr lagta hai kahin meri hi nazar na lag jaye)... Bohat darr lagta hai.

Its seventh today n Adi is extremely unwell since the night before ystrday,yes i.e fifth.
N I am a blue.
All i want right now is to go n hug him but...
Praying n Waiting for him to get well.
N i love him.


How do we know said...

He'll be well soon..take care!

And Happy Birthday... belated! :-)

I've just started coming to this blog, but the two of u lend soo much romance to our lives also, that its kind of addictive :-) God Bless u both!

Cuckoo said...

He'll be rocking very soon, DEE. Don't worry. Hmmm.. Kuch aisa waisa to nahi khaya na usne on ur B'day ? :P

Where are the pics ?

You two rock !! God Bless you.

Aditi said...

touch wood.. nahi lagegi nazar.. pyar ko nazar nahi lagti..
neways.. hope adi gets better pronto

totaramkiaaatma said...

whn lots of ppl r jealous its scary but when so ppl chek out this blog everybody wanting to know what has happened next achhi nazar lagti hai.

starry said...

WOW! A beautiful birthday indeed and it would not have been complete without Adi. "He has taken my tears and given me smiles" loved that.This is how love is supposed to be.The two of you were meant to be together. I do hope Adi is feeling better.Give him a warm HUgzzzzzz for me.

Anonymous said...

He is really a nice fellow and will recover soon. I really pray for both of you and hope that you should see many more days like this 7th together. May this wish come true with both of you. GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU. Dude would like to meet your DEE...!

Anonymous said...

And Dee sorry didn't mentioned in my last post a very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...OOPS SORRY FOR WISHING IT A LI'L LATE..

Anonymous said...

Abeyyy kitna mush mush hai...mujhe to padha bhi nahi jaa bhai tujhe kya ho gaya..pyaar ka bukhar itna chad gaya ki tu bimar pad gaya..heheheh..chal get well soon
--- who else but Peenuts-guess who??

Sugarlips said...

Awww Dee kiya khila diya uss ko?
Looks like you cooked ;)
Adi get well soon buddy :)
Mashallah you two are perfect for eachother...God bless you :)

Lots of love and hugs to both of you!!

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

well.....not wanting to open my wanted to inform that im going into hibernation.....still in chennai wud be back on tuesday....mmmmm sorry i dint wish u dee ya as always......big hug...


dreamt before

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