Wednesday, February 28, 2007


it's surprising what rain does to you sometimes... the morning after, you can look up to the sky and feel the calm, clear beauty. as if the slate has been wiped clean, ready for many more scribblings... and if you look down at the soil, the mud, the slush...well, that's what perspective is. one event, different perceptions. one night of rain, so many lessons.

and between all this, rain remains what it is.
pure, sacred, divine.
like love. like her.


Aditi said...

I have always thought of rain as nature's cleaning process..
everything looks cleaner greener brighter after it rains because the layer of dirt that has settled over it is removed..
maybe that is the case for perspectives jaded or otherwise as well

Sugarlips said...

Yes Rain thats what it is... Enchanting...Rapturous...Grace...
Alluring...Pure...Sacred and Divine just like love :)

I love rain and the wet soil smell is so invigorating...There is something so romantic and magical about rain...It makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of chai...your fav. book and romantic songs especially old hindi classics and I miss playing with paper boats in rain :)

Stay Beautiful...!

San said...

:) sweet you relate everything back to her

Sigma said...

Varsha dhule aakaash se
Ya baadalo.n ke paas se
Madhu-sikt madmaati havaa

starry said...

Yes I love the after effects of the rain, the smell of the earth, clear skies and everything looks so clean and refreshed.I think it is natures way of cleaning the earth.

madelyn said...

Adi - rain is a perfect
sparkle of love - it is fresh and
pure and a kiss from God.
It always inspires a song
in my heart.


madelyn said...

...or my latest post:)
the opposite of your
calm...but also inspired by
a flash....

Rani said...

by the way, love the rain. depends on what kinda rain it is - it means differently to me.
like a drizzle - calm, soothing.
normal rain - refreshing, like aditi said, everything greener and brighter.
heavy rain and thunderstorms - I LOVE 'em cause its almost always romantic and sexy to me.
i also love driving in the rain... and the smell of dirt after rain, LOVE THAT TOO.

Arti Honrao said...

So true ...
Different perspectives!
For me sometimes rain is sweet smell of earth at times rain is something that camouflages my tears!


Anonymous said...

Perspective... Hmmm. U r right.
But i wonder at times if its as simple as that...I dont know...

vat is it that constitutes perspective,which in itself changes every second...

dreamt before

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