Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am...
And Will be...


Sigma said...

... lost in dreams
[trying to complete the sentence :-)]

No posts for a long time ?

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes,,

You are
Your were
and You will be

But What is this ? Itne dino baad ek post & that too just this much?


Sigma said...

Seeing that you are lost for words these days, I thought I might tag you!
Check out ...

Aditi said...

hmm my first question was i am what?
but u are.. and u will be.. the question is what u make of it

Anonymous said...

this was not written by me
but, by the woman who makes me write

sorry to keep u guys guessing
will be back soon



Anonymous said...

'Astitva' OST echo..
Main thi, main hoon, main rahoongi..

that was one offbeat soundtrack i liked.

madelyn said...

she is a lovely poet-woman for you
sweetie -
she keeps you writing:)
and your heart alive:)

a poet needs a poet

madelyn said...

Adi -
that picture...i love it so

M. Shahin said...

Wow! So simple but so powerful. Wonderful :)

dreamt before

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